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Innocent Lies (Hidden Truth Book 4) Choices, lies, innocence stolen, lives destroyed In this book of the series we get a small glimpse at human trafficking, well at least the results and impact on one of the group Its been 10 years but she knew that he was the safest place for him She has so many secrets, if she lives to tell them it will be a miracle He has a few surprising up his sleeve that he has kept from the group as well By the time it s all out this author has once again given you new characters to love and dissect along with plenty of action I have not experienced this author prior to this series and I must say I have truly missed out Every book in the series has been extremely So good, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time not wanting to put this book down This story very tactfully deals with sex trafficking and the affect on the woman trapped in this lifestyle While at the same time, this story is about forgiveness, compassion, grace, and friendship And while God is not a major player in this story, I liked how the main characters turn to him during times of trial and difficulty This story is sure to pull at your heart strings while at the same time giving you a glimpse of the dark realities that go on in our world where woman are not valued And this contrast between the treasures of life and the darkness of evil are very well balanced in this story I loved this book and I highly recommend it In this book you meet Kelsey, a desperate mom on the run from the man who had treated her as property to be loaned, rented and sold And she is tired of this life on the run after 10 years So in a final desperate attempt to protect her son, she makes plans to keep him safe even if its without her As part of her plans, the boy is found by a police detective who makes sure the boy is safe But the detective cannot help but wonder what kind of monster mother would leave her c Innocent Lies is a great book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading I have read this entire series and each of the books is equally good They can also be read as a standalone but I love knowing the stories behind the characters Police Officer, Eric Nolan, was surprised to find a boy in his yard The boy said he was eight and that his mother had left him there but would be coming back for him later Eric took the boy to Social Services and he was placed in the care of friends of Erics Eric had no respect for a woman who would abandon her child Kelsey is on the run and determined to have revenge on Carlos Oterro, the man who held her captive in his human trafficking operation She returns to Nutfield and takes her son, Daniel, and left him in the yard of the only man she ever loved, her husband, Eric Nolan She had not seen him in ten years when she left their honeymoon to investigate her younger sister s disappearance As she followed the tracts of her sister, she was kidnapped and found herself a part of the human trafficking system Then she escaped and has been on the run with her son ever since She did not anticipate being arrested in Nutfield and seeing her husband again How can she tell him all she has been through Will he understand the shame she has suffered and he determination to seek revenge on the man behind it all Eric and Kelsey slowly begin to trust one another again and Title Innocent Lies Hidden Truth 4 Author Robin PatchenPages 346Year 2018Publisher Create SpaceMy rating is 5 out of 5 stars.This whole series is so worth reading They excel at suspense and grabbing the heart of the reader, pulling them into the plethora of happenings in the book The series has a total of four books that can be read as stand alone stories though I found reading them in order helped enhance my understanding of the plot and characters.The titles in order are Convenient Lies, Twisted Lies followed by Generous Lies, which comes before this final novel I am sharing my thoughts on today Robin weaves such a well crafted plot that brings the reader into the story from the first page, and then keep turning the pages with all the twists and turns in the plot I felt like I was right there observing what was happening around me even though I was reading the book.Time flew by quickly and I was unaware of what was going on around me because I was lost in the pages Right there that let me know I had a great tale with such te Readers will be glad that they once again returned to Nutfield, New Hampshire We have been wondering throughout this series what brought Eric Nolan to this small, New England town, and Patchen is now ready to reveal the answer, one that I am sure none of us saw coming Readers will enjoy encountering old friends and making new ones of Kelsey and Daniel around whom this story centers The antagonists of Innocent Lies are darker than those previously encountered in the Hidden Truth series, being involved in the sex trafficking business, a business that sells bodies and threatens to steal souls Patchen s ability to write believable dialogue, build sensory filled settings, and navigate complex plots is once again on display in Innocent Lies She has gifted the series readers with a special gift at the end of this book While all o Once again Robin Patchen has developed a compelling story about a social evil that few of us know much about but would prefer to believe does not exist How many of us believe that human beings involved in prostitution have chosen that life for themselves Do we understand that a huge number of those people did not choose that but are held captive by evil people who consider them to be nothing than property to be used to bring in exorbitant sums of money for the traffickers The heroine of the story did not choose that life but was taken captive when she attempted to rescue her fourteen year old sister She managed to escape and had been on the run for ten years with her son whom the trafficker believed to be his own Now her primary goal in life is to get her son to safety and bring down the man who had done atrocious things to her and had her young sister murdered The hero is her husband who had never given up on her in spite of the fact he was told she was dead As the title indicates, the story includes its share of lies but few of them are innocent Criminals involved in trafficking prey on unsuspecting people who will belie Innocent Lies by Robin PatchenHidden Truth Series Book FourEric Nolan is an officer in the small town of Nutfield, New Hampshire His life had taken a turn for the worst ten years ago a secret none of his friends or coworkers know about here Thankfully, he has Magic, a dog that needed him as much as he needed her when he found her on the road But his quiet, lonely life is about to changein big ways.Kelsey has been running for a long time And she can t stopyet She has to protect the people she loves That includes finding a safe place for her son, Daniel As long as she knows he s safe, she can finish her missi A brilliant novel.A stand alone novel, Book 4 is based a secondary character introduced in a previous book in the series For those who enjoy a clean romantic suspense will love this, and those who don t mind not having sexy scenes will love it too.Kelsey and Eric s story is woven around a hard and brutal subject, human trafficking The author still manages to create a brilliant action packed romance story filled with humour as well as tension and heartbreak It s written sensitively and the author doesn t write graphic details.The first chapter is written through the eyes of an eight year old I felt I was there in the woods with the little boy and wanted to hug him, take away his fears and ease his worries, sorrow and doubts The book then focuses on the adult perspective and the story unfolds I couldn t put this book down and was up until the early hours to finish it.A highly recommend The whole time I read this book, I felt what is wrong with this woman Maybe, I ll never understand a woman that has been broken, but she knew her husband was a police officer His love and devotion to her, even though she had been taken and then later declared dead, was amazing She did what she had to do to survive and I understand that, but for her to think she could take down Carlos by herself was ridiculous She needed people with power than she had and that was her husband This story made me think about what those women go through Carlos s new girl was a good example of BOOKS Innocent Lies Hidden Truth Book 4 Author Robin Patchen Jobs In She Didn T Want To Reach For Carlos Didn T Want To Willingly Walk To Him But She Had To Do What She Could For Eric Maybe Carlos Would Let Her See Him One Last Time She Took Carlos S Hand, Swallowed A Sob, And Stepped Into The House Robin Patchen, Award Winning Author Of Finding Amanda And Convenient Lies About Innocent Lies A Lost Little Boy Steals His Heart When Eric Finds Eight Year Old Daniel Alone In The Woods, He Has No Idea Where The Boy Came From Or How He S Survived The Wintery New Hampshire Weather He Figures Once He Hands The Boy Off To Child Services, His Part In Daniel S Drama Will Be Over He Couldn T Be Wrong She Ll Do Anything To Keep Her Son Safe Kelsey Sneaks Into Nutfield With A Goal And A Secret, But When She S Arrested And Sees Eric, Her First And Only Love, All Her Plans To Expose Her Enemy Fall Apart The Past Catches Up With Them Together, Eric And Kelsey Fight To Protect Daniel, An Innocent Child Caught In A Dangerous Game Can Eric Help Kelsey Bring Down Her Enemies Without Risking His Heartagain Will Kelsey Have To Walk Away From The Only Man She S Ever Lovedagain

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Aside from her family and her Savior, Robin Patchen has two loves writing and traveling If she could combine them, she d spend a lot of time sitting in front of her laptop at sidewalk cafes and ski lodges and beachside burger joints She d visit every place in the entire world twice, if possible and craft stories and tell people about her Savior Alas, time is too short and money is too scarce fo

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