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I, Claudius There have been multiple periods of time in my life during which I developed a fascination for different historical families, usually of infamous repute Elementary school was devoted to the Tudors, focusing heavily on the Princess Elizabeth, while middle through high school was preoccupied with the Borgias, an interest balanced between its equally intriguing members Every so often those fascinations will spark up again, and I will find myself consuming relevant impressively rendered fiction and biographically accurate nonfiction with equal fervor I would not be able to tell you why these subjects had attracted me while I was young, but I do have a hypothesis as to why they continue to interest me today.Both the Tudors and the Borgias were at the center of major confluences in their day, and both rested in the eyes of storms largely fueled by religion While the Borgias clawed their way to the top of the papal throne amidst vicious rumors of debauched blasphemy, the Tudors with Henry VIII as their figurehead rejected t I was going to write that Graves having translated The Twelve Caesars recycled the Suetonius with a dash of Tacitus and some added murders to create I Claudius ostensibly the memoirs of the Emperor Claudius This, however, seems to be entirely false as Graves wrote I, Claudius than twenty years before he made that translation He was though living on Majorca, which is not quite Capri, and if isolated and obsessing over his muse, not quite in Tiberian style.In my imagination then I have to place I, Claudius back in the 1930s, a few years after this memoir of the First World War Goodbye to all that and put this portrait of an imagined secret life of an Imperial family with its incest, non normative elective sexual activities some of which remain illegal in various countries, and family murders to gain or maintain power mentally in the context of the official rigid Victorianism of the Britain of George V.Is I, Claudius just a fi I, Claudius Free Author Robert Graves Vinoschilenos.eu , 1895 1985 , I , XX 100. I Claudius reviewed by Manny Claudius, come here, sit down right by me, don t be shy O o o o o oh, M m m m m Yes essalina I Claudius reviewed by Mariel All i can dream about is rabbits every day every day rabbits i can t tell you why.I Claudius reviewed by Ian Graye You ve seen The Sopranos, so you think you know about gangsters.But Imperial Rome didn t get its reputation by organising knitting circles.No, it didn t.Claudius became emperor accidentally They found him cowering in a cupboard and they dragged him kicking and screaming to the throne.That might be a metaphor.Or not.I Claudius reviewed by Bird Brian THE HARD CORE TRUTH Graves dishes up nothing less than the most incisive deconstruction of the Bush regime and by extension the entire ediface of oppression which perpetuates from one administration to the next If Hilary Clinton had beat Obama in the primaries in 2008 and had then won a second term this year America would have had two dynastic families running the whole shooting match from 1989 onwards do you see any difference with Ancient Rome I sure don t.I Claudius reviewed by Karen Brissette YOU GUYS, IT IS FINISHED I HAVE MADE FIFTY GRILLED CHEESES WHAT A FUN CHEESY TIME I HAVE HAD okay, i know you have all been waiting on the edge of your seat for what will karen do this summer to follow up her extraordinary summer of 23 pasta salads here is your answer, friends i claudius or i clavidvs if you check out the Poor Clau Clau Claudius He stuttered, had a limp, and was deaf in one ear Considered the family idiot, he had the misfortune to be born into a family that suffered from a congenital lack of compassion Robert Graves s ch Game of RomesHistory is the lie of the victors Or so that s what they say But in the case of I, Claudius hailed as one of the best pieces of historical fiction written to date, the so called lie is either heightened or degraded, depends on how you see it, into a dramatic tale of cunning, deceit, depravity and the glories of ancient Rome chalked with enough back stabbing, affairs, incest, assassinations, and debauchery you d doubt whether you ve unearthed an ancient tabloid Granted there are certain truths that only a tabloid can tell Of course, in this case it is idiotic to look for historical accuracy in fiction but certain things that happen are just so wicked that you have to wonder whether these lies are just that This review aims to take on the impossible task of diluting the deceitful mixture to separate the lies of the writer from the essential lies of the victors There s actually very little in I, Claudius that s entirely unattested But the thing is Robert Graves based on historical works that are biased and unreliable and he portrays the characters in a way to fit his underlying narrative Graves relied most heavily on Suetonius and Tacitus He drew on Suetonius and a host of late Roman authors who are inaccurate at best, particularl Yo, ClaudioThe review I really have in mind will be attempted for this book only after I finish reading Claudius the God to quench the burning curiosity of how this Clau Clau Claudius , a man, who in the first shock of being made emperor had this outrageous thought come rushing to his mindSo, I m Emperor, am I What nonsense But at least I ll be able to make people read my books now , will conduct himself as a God Emperor , The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire and Rubicon The Last Years of the Roman Republic, so that I can apply the same criteria for reviewing any work of history, as suggested by Claudius original source for much of Pliny s work himself, through Livius and Pollio all works unfortunately lost.Mean Ave, Imperator A a a a ave Manny Heri o o o ccurabamus Parodis Paulii Bryantii erat A a a absit invidia Latinam loquitis Googlam Translatam utiliso Non i i i intelligo Malefice Logicus coprae est P p parodis Bryantii melius erat Bastarde Things had to have been boring in ancient Rome with no TV, internet or video games But after reading I, Claudius, I think that the average Roman citizen s chief entertainment probably came from watching what the imperial family did to each other There was the crime and intrigue of a show likeThe Sopranos All the narcissism and betrayal of a season of a reality TV show More sex than cable on demand porn channels and enough family dysfunction to make Jerry Springer s guests look classy You could have kicked off your sandals, put your feet up and watched out the window as all kinds of people got married, divorced, betrayed, robbed, disgraced, exiled and murdered You can t put a dollar value on entertainment like that.The story is told from the perspective of Claudius, a member of the royal family who managed to survive because he was widely considered to be an idiot due to his stammer and bad leg, and because he never had enough money for anyone to bother killing him for his estate Shunned and forgotten by most of the family, Claudius becomes a historian and scholar who documents the terrible things that happen around him as everyone seeks to gain and keep power.Over his life, Claudius will have to deal with three emperors the noble Augustus, the sullen and paranoid Tiberius and the crazy Caligula His grandmother Livia, who married Augustus, would ruthlessly manipulate and destroy generations of her own family through various schemes and murders Compelling, humorous, entertaining and even at time times deeply disturbing, this traces the peripheral rise of an unlikely Caeser Historical fiction at its best, Graves provides an in depth, behind the scenes look at early Roman Impe

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