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God, Improv, and the Art of Living KINDLE God, Improv, And The Art Of Living MaryAnn McKibben Dana Reptileclassifieds.us We Re All Improvisers, Says MaryAnn McKibben Dana, Whether We Realize It Or Not In This Book McKibben Dana Blends Personal Stories, Pop Culture, And Scripture Into A Smart, Funny, Down To Earth Guide To The Art Of Living Offering Concrete Spiritual Wisdom Through Seven Improv Principles, She Helps Readers Become Awake, Creative, Resilient, And Ready To Play Even Especially When Life Doesn T Go According To Plan. I didn t think a book about improv would be For Me, but after hearing her speak I changed my mind Her approach to theology and communication and life from a posture of flexibility and embracing what s thrown at us is really helpful for me to think about. Life really is mostly improvised, and MaryAnn McKibben Dana illustrates that with wide ranging examples that are both light hearted and also deep thinking The chapter See Defeats Differently, in particular, really resonated with me The author skillfully demonstrates how principles from improv can help us to navigate problems and setba God, Improv, and the Art of Living is a playful, insightful book written by MaryAnn McKibben Dana Finding the connection between her hobby of Improv and her Christian faith, the author has some fresh ways of looking at life The book is written in a light and chatty style, with some thoughtful stories and illustrations It is wrapped around the principle of Yes, and a hopeful way of looking at the world At times the connec I really appreciated the fresh perspective that this book offered Upon finishing it, you sort of think Faith and improv OF COURSE Her writing took me back to drama classes that I did in my teens and made me miss the collaborative creativity unique to this practice As someone who has used drama in a Christian education context, I got a lot of ideas I often use improv games with children and youth , and I think her ideas around bringning the tenents of improv to the conversations of faith will stay with me for a long time Yes, and has already crept into my language, and will surely help reframe committee meetings where we sometimes get stuck on the BUT.I have had the good fortune of interacting with MaryAnn professionally and both in her writing and IRL, I enjoy her accessible writing style disclaimer I received a free preview copy of this book from the publisher.This book is for sure is a good addition to my professional library, and I wo 4.5 As a person who likes to plan and predict how things may turn out, I appreciated learning about improv as a theology and a practice Each chapter comes with exercises and questions to take the learning one step further, which for me makes improv less about remembering what I read and about practicing and befriending what I ve read I only wish that the idea of God as an improviser had been substantive and fleshed out As a pastor, I think this is a great book I love, love, love this book It is practical, deeply theological, not preachy , and wise I believe it has application for every reader, for individuals and for groups I will be returning to this book often in my work Before reading MaryAnn McKibben Dana s book, I was pretty sure I knew what improv was It was the comedic skill of all the actors on SNL and later Drew Carey and his cohorts on Whose Line Is It Anyway To do it correctly, you had to be fast and most of all funny And surely this skill was reserved for a precious few wacky individuals with immense talent.But after just a few pages, Ms Dana exposes the fallacy of my belief Improv is way that my preconceived belief It s a life skill, to be honed and developed But before you get the idea it s just another self help book, of which I swore off of on my 60th birthday a few years ago as I was pretty sure I d read it all, whatever it was don t go there as you d be making a rash and wrong interpretation.Dana s book confirms what we already know that life is what happens when we are making plans, but those plans This book was a wonderful addition to my personal growth and outlook on life s situations that each of us encounters from time to time In the chapter entitled, Serve on Another, MaryAnn McKibben Dana points to a study that involved sales pitches and narratives of every program on every channel that was broadcast in a 24 hour time frame The residual theme was that each of us is the center of the universe The question that drives our consumer oriented culture is, What is in it for me Singer songwriter Carrie Newcomer reminds us in her songs that the things that have always saved us and are still here to save us I absolutely love MaryAnn McKibben Dana s writing It s so much fun to read And yet, like she says about improv theater itself, being funny isn t nearly as important as being honest, and she is deeply honest.Whether it s owning up to her tendencies to micromanage or grieving the death of children, McKibben Dana shares with us ways to navigate Life s most difficult challenges with resilience, humor, and grace What I particularly appreciate is that this is far than just a series of inspirational stories McKibben Dana backs her writing with numerous sources, and she provides actionable exercises for both individuals and groups things that we can do to help strengthen our ability to see opportunity in every challenge.While, as a pastor, McKibben Dana naturally refers to Christian theology, I found that ma

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the God, Improv, and the Art of Living book, this is one of the most wanted MaryAnn McKibben Dana author readers around the world.

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