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Tracker MISSION REUNITE MOTHER AND SON Single Mother Penny Potter Has Spent Months In Hiding To Keep Her Toddler From His Father, A Rogue FBI Agent Turned Fugitive But He S Determined To Flee The Country With The Child, And She Can T Dodge Him Forever When He Corners Penny In The Montana Wilderness And Gets Away With Their Son, She S Forced To Trust His Brother, Handsome FBI K Agent Zeke Morrow And Zeke Must Decide Where His Loyalty Lies With His Sibling Or The Woman He Wasn T Supposed To Fall For As The Bullets Fly And Family Ties Are Tested, Penny And Zeke Will Fight To Save The Boy Who Brought Them Together

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    Woohoo it s the Grande Finale of the Classified K 9 Unit continuity series And while you could likely read this one as a standalone there s lots of tying up loose ends in Tracker that will be meaningful if you ve been following along book by book Like what s up with Zara for in

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    Degna conclusione di una bella serie Beh, in realt resta il volume coi due racconti natalizi

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    TrackerThis has been the best book series that I ve read in a while I loved the way the last book tied everything up, and left no unanswered questions The action, and suspense was excellent It had a cute little 2 year old boy that melted my heart Penny who was a single mom was running for her life,

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    Tracker is the thrilling end to The Classified K 9 Unit series Lenora Worth s stories are always filled with hope, love, forgiveness, and faith And of course tons of action Zeke Marrow had the difficult job of protecting his brother s ex girlfriend and her son Kevin Zeke wasn t one hundred percent sure he co

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    Watch Over My Child Michal s Destiny Book 3 is by Roberta Kagan This third book looks at the difficulties the children who left Europe on the KindertransportI had when they came from Germany to England Most of them had no real idea of what was going on and did not know English Worry about their siblings and parents wa

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    this is the sixth book in the Classified K 9 Unit Series I have really enjoyed this series and Lenora does a great job closing it out This story is well written, action packed, and full of suspense You are going to love it.Penny Potter is a single mother She has been hiding out from the father of he child for months Jake had be

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    Solid Warm Loving True.These four words are perfect to describe this concluding installment of the Classified K 9 unit series FBI agent Zeke has been searching for his half brother Jake throughout this series Jake is an experienced agent who has apparently gone rouge Zeke is facing torn loyalty, confusing investigative clues and an unexp

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    Love this seriesThis has been a wonderful series, Penny has been on the run for months with her son Kevin Her ex boyfriend Jake Morrow has finally caught up to her and it is not good The K 9 unit is also looking for Jake he was one of them so they thought This book has so many twist and turns Zeke, Jake s half brother and his k 9 partner is also s

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    AWESOME These stories in this series are really intriguing and they capture your attention from everything else going on around you At least for me they did I hate that Jake turned bad, but that happens in real life when we don t trust God and let him have our life The desire for money and fame gets the best of even the best person unless they are sold out

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    I read this book for some pure entertainment In the past, I have enjoyed this author s writing In this book she gives dogs some personalities This book totally followed the general outline for a romance adventure book Yes, there is a happy ending and all story lines were concluded The characters in this book could have been real people I will pick up another book by

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