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At the Mountains of Madness Miskatonic Niversitesi Nden Bir Ekip Ara T Rma I In Antartika Ya Gider Yapt Klar Sondajlarda Jeolojik Bulgulardan Ok Daha Fazlas Na Rastlarlar A Lard R L Olan Bu K Ta, Insan N Gezegen Zerinde Ilk Y R Y S Nden Y Llar Y Llar Nce Ya Ayan Varl Klar N G Rkemli Izlerini Korumaktad R DerinliklerindeLovecraft N En Ba Ar L Yap Tlar Aras Nda G Sterilen Bu Kitapta, Cthulhu Mitosu Nun Kurucu Esi Eskiler In Tarihini Bulacaks N Z

10 thoughts on “At the Mountains of Madness

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    Imagine Your friend goes to Antarctica with a team of scientists and discovers the remains of a before the dawn of time alien civilization AND then finds the ripped up bodies of some team members lying around AND then was chased by the lost alien forms Cool Except, your friend doesn t want to tell you about any of that All he wants to do is describe the icy, mountainous, eerie

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    6.0 stars As I was experiencing Lovecraft s supremely awesome, nightmarish masterpiece, At the Mountains of Madness ATMOM , it really struck me for the first time that he was a tremendously literate writer I have been a fan of Lovecraft for a long time and have always been gaga for his bizarre imaginative stories However, what jumped out at me on this reading of ATMOM was how impre

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    I really wanted to like this because H.P Lovecraft is likable as a person and I know he s so influential in horror but I couldn t do it The story is well written and original but the writing style was so dry and boring because it s a scientist recording their expedition that I had to drag myself through it There was just so much detail about things that weren t interesting when all I wa

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    I used to defend Lovecraft s reputation, arguing that he d suffered the same fate as fellow pulp author Howard that later writers, hoping to profit off of his name, put it on the cover of all sorts of middling short story collections cliche and badly written stuff that if the reader is lucky might actually contain one or two stories by the original author.However, in this tale, Lovecraft pro

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    A TRAGIC HOMECOMINGAnd so we slept for a million millennia, on the edge of our great city So close and yet so far Why were we outside of our fair city, our families and companions mere steps away The reasons are lost in time And as we slumbered, our tropical paradise became a land of neverending winter, a polar graveyard We were woken, those of us who still lived Four lived and four were lost We

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    Hi, I m Rob Lowe and I just read Mountains of Madness by H.P Lovecraft.And I m Super Creepy Rob Lowe and I watch professional wrestling.RL This was another classic by horror and fantasy writer HP Lovecraft and displayed his virtuosity of the language as an art probably better than his shorter works SCRL Reading is hard on my eyes, I like checking out the babes in the audience with my big screen TV.RL

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    never before has such an exciting story been told in such a dull way.

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    This long novella perhaps longer than it should be succeeds in large part because no doubt due to Lovecraft s enthusiasm for the Antarctic explorers its scenery is evocative, its descriptions etxraordinarily vivid At the Mountains of Madness has its literary fathers Poe s A Gordon Pym, M.P Sheil s The Purple Cloud but H.P s principal sources were the contemporaneous accounts of the expeditions themselves Byrd s

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    One of the most influential all time classics, an absosute must read I never ever want to go on an antarctic expedition like that told in this story The description of that unearthly city and its inhabitants will haunt you for the rest of your life Be aware Reading that story means meeting with a horror that remains.

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    At the end of his voyage, Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket reaches a strange land on the edge of the Antarctic, where people have black skin, red teeth, and where water flowsthickly and shows multicoloured veins running through Shortly after, as Pym penetrates farther south into a chasm of increasingly warm water, a gigantic white figure appears before him The story ends abruptly at this point In At the Mountain of Madness

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