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At the Mountains of Madness Long Acknowledged As A Master Of Nightmarish Vision, H.P Lovecraft Established The Genuineness And Dignity Of His Own Pioneering Fiction In 1931 With His Quintessential Work Of Supernatural Horror, At The Mountains Of Madness The Deliberately Told And Increasingly Chilling Recollection Of An Antarctic Expedition S Uncanny Discoveries And Their Encounter With An Untold Menace In The Ruins Of A Lost Civilization Is A Milestone Of Macabre Literature.

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    Imagine Your friend goes to Antarctica with a team of scientists and discovers the remains of a before the dawn of time alien civilization AND then finds the ripped up bodies of some team members lying around AND then was chased by the lost alien forms Cool Except, your friend doesn t want to tell you about any of that All he wants to do is describe the icy, mountainous, eerie

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    I really wanted to like this because H.P Lovecraft is likable as a person and I know he s so influential in horror but I couldn t do it The story is well written and original but the writing style was so dry and boring because it s a...

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    6.0 stars As I was experiencing Lovecraft s supremely awesome, nightmarish masterpiece, At the Mountains of Madness ATMOM , it really struck me for the first time that he was a tremendously literate writer I have been a fan of Lovecraft for a long time and have always been gaga for his bizarre imaginative stories However, what jumped out at me on this reading of ATMOM was how impressively Lo

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    A TRAGIC HOMECOMINGAnd so we slept for a million millennia, on the edge of our great city So close and yet so far Why were we outside of our fair city, our families and companions mere steps away The reasons are lost in time And as we slumbered, our tropical paradise became a land of neverending winter, a polar graveyard We were woken, those of us who still lived Four lived and four were lost We

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    I used to defend Lovecraft s reputation, arguing that he d suffered the same fate as fellow pulp author Howard that later writers, hoping to profit off of his name, put it on the cover of all sorts of middling short story collections cliche and badly written stuff that if the reader is lucky might actually contain ...

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    Hi, I m Rob Lowe and I just read Mountains of Madness by H.P Lovecraft.And I m Super Creepy Rob Lowe and I watch professional wrestling.RL This was another classic by horror and fantasy writer HP Lovecraft and displayed his virtuosity of the language as an art probably better than his shorter works SCRL Reading is hard on my eyes, I like checking out the babes in the audience with my big screen TV.RL This

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    never before has such an exciting story been told in such a dull way.

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    This is as close as one will get to an epic adventure quest by H.P Lovecraft If you re an old role playing game geek like me, this will appeal to the dungeoneer in you Plenty of delving and mystery in this one If you re a fan of the movie Prometheus, you d do well to hark back to the origin of many of the movie s tropes They are similar, at least on the surface An impossibly old alien race creates life on earth for

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    Here s the thing about Lovecraft he doesn t write great stories People love the whole mythos thing, and I don t blame them, because the Lovecraftian mythos is awesome But I don t particularly enjoy actually reading Lovecraft because his actual stories simply aren t very good In this novel, for example, the story is basically a framework for him to do some world building There s no real plot, character development, or dra

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