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Elric of Melniboné Elric Of Melnibon Is A Requisite Title In The Hard Fantasy Canon, A Book No Fantasy Fan Should Leave Unread Author Michael Moorcock, Already A Major Player In Science Fiction, Cemented His Position In The Fantasy Pantheon With The Five Book Elric Saga, Of Which Elric Of Melnibon Is The First Installment The Book S Namesake, The Brooding Albino Emperor Of The Dying Nation Of Melnibon , Is A Sort Of Superman For Goths, Truly An Archetype Of The GenreThe Youthful Elric Is A Cynical And Melancholy King, Heir To A Nation Whose , Year Rule Of The World Ended Less Than Years Hence More Interested In Brooding Contemplation Than Holding The Throne, Elric Is A Reluctant Ruler, But He Also Realizes That No Other Worthy Successor Exists And The Survival Of His Once Powerful, Decadent Nation Depends On Him Alone Elric S Nefarious, Brutish Cousin Yrkoon Has No Patience For His Physically Weak Kinsman, And He Plots Constantly To Seize Elric S Throne, Usually Over His Dead Body Elric Of Melnibon Follows Yrkoon S Scheming, Reaching Its Climax In A Battle Between Elric And Yrkoon With The Demonic Runeblades Stormbringer And Mournblade In This Battle, Elric Gains Control Of The Soul Stealing Stormbringer, An Event That Proves Pivotal To The Elric Saga Paul Hughes

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    I have spent a long time searching for a modern fantastical epic which is worth reading It seems like there should be one, out there, somewhere I have so enjoyed the battlefields of Troy, the dank cavern of Grendel s dam, Dido s lament, Ovid s hundred wild spun tales, perfidious Odysseus, the madness of Orlando, Satan s twisted rhetoric, and Gilgamesh s se

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    Elric of FREAKIN Melnibone.A supersized but colorless everlasting gobstopper of fantasy have at you.If he were a mongoose, he d be Elrici tiki tavi.If he were a professional wrestler pronounced RASTLER in Memphis he d be Elric Flair Wooooooooooooo If he were an amateur bowler in California and part time brother Shamus he d be El Ricerino and only if we were no

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    After reading and having my hair blown back by The Swords Trilogy The Knight of the Swords,The Queen of the Swords and The King of the Swords , I decided to dive into the adventures of Moorcock s most famous avatar of the Eternal Champion, Elric of Melnibone.This first installment serves as a nice introduction to the contemplative albino sorcerer, who rules the an

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    I have always detested Michael Moorcock.As a fantasy reader whose passion for Tolkien s writing knows no boundaries, I have always had a hard time swallowing the venomous spite and blind arrogance with which he s been denouncing the champion of my fantasy dreams Generally speaking, I never felt anything against authors who attempted to step out of Tolkien s shadow The

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    And the moral of this reread is Elric s, um, beloved cousin Yyrkoon The Gentle and Magnanimous is one of the most underrated villains in the history of Most Underrated Villains MUV Because I said so and stuff.Why of course you do, my darling Yyrkie That s why you re such a scrumptiously delicious villain and stuff Now be a dear and ditch the Skeletor costume post haste, w

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    It pleases me to return, after many years, to the saga of Elric VIII, Emperor of Melnibone, the doomed albino with the icy demeanor and imperious nature whose constant companion is Stormbringer, a bloodthirsty sword with a consciousness and will all its own Elric is the sickly descendant of a haughty alien race, a long line of amoral conquerors and wielders of magic Many of h

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    This is some epic awesomeness.I m an absolute sucker for the grand sweeping personal quests to gainand yetmagical power in the service of rescuing your one true love, casting aside morals, the greater good, your own health, and possibly your own sanity This tale holds up perfectly after all this time All the best aspects of modern fantasy are encapsulated and written with such sp

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    This is the tale of Elric before he was called Woman slayer, before the final collapse of Melnibone This is the tale of his rivalry with his cousin Yirkoon and his love for his cousin Cymoril, before that rivalry and that love brought Imrryr, the Dreaming City, crashing in flames, raped by the reavers from the Young Kingdoms This is the tale of the two black swords, Stormbringer and

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    Signed edition is limited to 300 copies, each signed by Michael Moorcock, Piotr Jablonski, and Holly Black.This copy is numbered 40 of 300 produced.Bound in full black cloth, stamped in three colors.Color illustrations hand tipped into the book with translucent overlays.Introduction by Holly Black.Oversize at 6 9 inches.Head and tail bands, ribbon marker.Top edge stain.Contents 007 Intro

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    This is THE classic sword and sorcery tale that came about in the early 1960s Note that I am referencing when Elric first appeared which was in Moorcock s novella, The Dreaming City Science Fantasy 47, June 1961 Wiki.Note that this is one of my early reviews so the format is different CONCEPT Very interesting This one was done in the 60s before there were a lot of Sci fi Fantasy writers Moor

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About the Author: Michael Moorcock

Michael John Moorcock is an English writer primarily of science fiction and fantasy who has also published a number of literary novels Moorcock has mentioned The Gods of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Apple Cart by George Bernard Shaw and The Constable of St Nicholas by Edward Lester Arnold as the first three books which captured his imagination He became editor of Tarzan Adventures in 1956, at the age of sixteen, and later moved on to edit Sexton Blake Library As editor of the controversial British science fiction magazine New Worlds, from May 1964 until March 1971 and then again from 1976 to 1996, Moorcock fostered the development of the science fiction New Wave in the UK and indirectly in the United States His serialization of Norman Spinrad s Bug Jack Barron was notorious for causing British MPs to condemn in Parliament the Arts Council s funding of the magazine.During this time, he occasionally wrote under the pseudonym of James Colvin, a house pseudonym used by other critics on New Worlds A spoof obituary of Colvin appeared in New Worlds 197 January 1970 , written by William Barclay another Moorcock pseudonym Moorcock, indeed, makes much use of the initials JC , and not entirely coincidentally these are also the initials of Jesus Christ, the subject of his 1967 Nebula award winning novella Behold the Man, which tells the story of Karl Glogauer, a time traveller who takes on the role of Christ They are also the initials of various Eternal Champion Moorcock characters such as Jerry Cornelius, Jerry Cornell and Jherek Carnelian Inrecent years, Moorcock has taken to using Warwick Colvin, Jr as yet another pseudonym, particularly in his Second Ether fiction.