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The Killer Inside Me Everyone In The Small Town Of Central City, Texas Loves Lou Ford A Deputy Sheriff, Lou S Known To The Small Time Criminals, The Real Estate Entrepreneurs, And All Of His Coworkers The Low Lifes, The Big Timers, And Everyone In Between As The Nicest Guy Around He May Not Be The Brightest Or The Most Interesting Man In Town, But Nevertheless, He S The Kind Of Officer You Re Happy To Have Keeping Your Streets Safe The Sort Of Man You Might Even Wish Your Daughter Would End Up With Someday.But Behind The Platitudes And Glad Handing Lurks A Monster The Likes Of Which Few Have Seen An Urge That Has Already Claimed Multiple Lives, And Cost Lou His Brother Mike, A Self Sacrificing Construction Worker Who Fell To His Death On The Job In What Was Anything But An Accident A Murder That Lou Is Determined To Avenge And If Innocent People Have To Die In The Process, Well, That S Perfectly All Right With Him.In The Killer Inside Me, Thompson Goes Where Few Novelists Have Dared To Go, Giving Us A Pitch Black Glimpse Into The Mind Of The American Serial Killer Years Before Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy, And Brett Easton Ellis S American Psycho, In The Novel That Will Forever Be Known As The Master Performance Of One Of The Greatest Crime Novelists Of All Time.

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    This book was recommended to me by someone who worked in the publishing industry, what s , they liked my book, so I was pretty sure they had excellent taste I bought it almost immediately, and was excited to give it a try That was almost exactly

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    Stephen King said about novelist Jim Thompson He was crazy He went running into the American subconscious with a blowtorch in one hand and a pistol in the other, screaming his goddamn head off No one else came close I thought I would love this book, and I

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    Ever meet someone at a party and think they re pretty cool until they let something slip and you realize they may in fact be bat shit psycho That s how Lou Ford, the protagonist of The Killer Inside Me is I also suspect that Jim Thompson may have been that way as w

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    First of all, a warning if you happen to pick up the edition I did that includes an introductory essay from Stephen King, make sure you read it after you finish the book Goddamn it, either the entire principal of spoiler completely flies over this man s head, or he just love

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    HOWDY FOLKS MY NAME IS LOU FORD AND I M A MILD MANNERED, DEPUTY SHERIFF IN A SMALL TEXAS TOWNOH BTWI M ALSO A SADISTIC, DEEPLY DISTURBED, PSYCHOPATHIC KILLER.NICE TO MEET YOU 5.0 stars A one of a kind reading experience that I can not recommendhighly for fans of noir crime fiction or

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    I went into this with high expectations I mean, who doesn t love a good psychopath Especially one with a boat load of issues who is in a position of authority and trust Enter Lou Ford, small town sheriff and all round good guy or so his sweet and slightly slow disposition would have you think B

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    Jim Thompson must have had noir in his veins instead of red blood cells This dark first person story has the reader inhabiting the mind of a killer in way that most authors can t even come close to matching It s disturbing, chilling and one of the best pieces of crime fiction I ve ever read.Lou Ford is a

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    The Killer Inside Me Jim Thompson s classic Roman Noir Just as there are physical monsters, can there not be mental or psychic monsters born The face and body may be perfect, but if a twisted gene or malformed egg can produce physical monsters, may not the same process produce a malformed soul Monsters are variati

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    It s always lightest just before the darkThis is one terrific tale, though nasty as all get out Thompson seems to have serious Mommy issues, as all his women, be they whores or schoolmarms, are shrewish harpies AND, he seems to believe that a good beating is the only foreplay a woman should ever need.He is not alone in his

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    This was a humdinger of a story written through the eyes of a sheriff Lou Ford of a small, middle of nowhere west Texas town of Central City Is he an easy going, well liked man and a respected citizen of the town, well known for his quiet, gentle nature On the inside he has a dark side he is a sociopathic killer who seems to think th

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