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The Postman Always Rings Twice Cain S First Novel The Subject Of An Obscenity Trial In Boston And The Inspiration For Camus S The Stranger Is The Fever Pitched Tale Of A Drifter Who Stumbles Into A Job, Into An Erotic Obsession, And Into A Murder

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    Stealing a man s wife, that s nothing, but stealing his car, that s larceny John Garfield and Lana Turner in the 1946 movie.Frank Chambers is a drifter, a man who, when life gets too heavy, catches the next boxcar out of town or puts his thumb out on the nearest highway Being

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    Talk about false advertising I read this thinking it was a manual for postal employees that I could use to study for civil service exam But it was just a story about some guy who starts sleeping with another man s wife and then they decide to kill the husband It was a pretty good book,

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    The Postman Always Rings Twice, James M Mallahan Cain 1892 1977 The Postman Always Rings Twice is a 1934 crime novel by James M Cain The novel was successful and notorious upon publication It is regarded as one of theimportant crime novels of the 20th century Fast moving and brief only about 100

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    James M Cain s The Postman Always Rings Twice is a fun, racy hard boiled crime noir classic First published in 1934 and banned in many places for its provocative scenes, the novella is a fun read full of memorable scenes Albert Camus used this story as his basis for The Stranger, propelling Cain into the l

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    I should be embarrassed by how much fun I had reading this but I m not Instead, I feel like I ve knocked back five Cuban coffees or finally had that fantasy tryst with the Fiennes brothers.Wow, am I amped This is my second James M Cain novel the first being Mildred Pierce which I immediately read twice and I m just

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    James M Cain is a 20th century author whose celebrated works feel alive and deadly, like a black mamba in the wild instead of one stuffed in a museum Published in 1934, The Postman Always Rings Twice can be read in almost the time the bite from a poisonous snake would be fatal, without the paralysis What s exciting and often

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    Don t you love it when something you ve heard about for ages turns out to be really good, but in a delightfully different way than expected What do you mean, no Go to hell I ve been laboring under the misapprehension that this was a play about a killer mail carrier Maybe that s because I grew up in a time when the phrase going postal w

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    An astounding achievement of 20th century Feminism Psych It s absolutely the opposite of thatTaut, tense, and with a lightning speed pace, this is a seminal work by Cain Its also a bit elementary, less wordy than the similar noir The Butterfly though not as epic or precious, or memorable as my personal favorite Mildred Pierce.

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    4 Stars ANOTHER good one by CainANOTHER surprise endingI vaguely remember the movie with Nicholson and Lange as being hot and steamy, but the words we did plenty is about as hot and steamy as it gets here in THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE.Cain sure could write hard boiled crime though, and crime is what you get plenty of in this 1934 classic Zoomed right

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    Desensitized.I think that s why James M Cain s important 1934 crime novella is notrelevant today After decades of infidelity and violence, the shocking events Cain describes are just not as disturbing now as they were in the 30s When this came out there were charges of obscenity and the book was banned in some locations These days, flip a few channels on TV and you

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