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Land of Unbelief (The Analyst #4) Tom Bell Is An Analyst, A Federal Agent Who Protects American Citizens From The Supernatural Entities That Become Violent And Out Of Control, And Covers Up Every Trace Of Their Presence His Estranged Ex Wife, Mental Illness, And Persistent Memories Of Childhood Trauma Serve As Constant Obstacles In His Struggle To Stay Sane In The Face Of The Impossible Substance Abuse And Casual Sex Keep His Inner Demons At Bay, But The Real Ones Find And To Prey On In LAND OF UNBELIEF, Tom And His Comrades From The DPSD Face An Enemy Unlike Any They Ve Encountered Before A Domestic Terrorist Who Unleashes Nightmare Creatures On The Unsuspecting Public Underequipped And Constantly Two Steps Behind, The DPSD May Be Unable To Protect The People From The Shadowy Figure Called Mr Space Time Or Continue To Keep Him Secret In A World Of Instant Communication And Social Media As The Attacks Continue And Mr Space Time Strikes Closer And Closer To Home, Tom Investigates The Terrorist S Personal Vendetta Against The Department Of Paranormal Study And Defense And The Truth, As Well As Space Time S Identity, Will Leave Tom Wondering Which Side He Really Stands On LAND OF UNBELIEF Features A Cast Of Brand New Characters As Well As Old Friends And Enemies, And Will Ensnare Readers New To THE ANALYST As Well As Satisfy Longtime Fans.

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    This is the fourth in the Analyst series by Brian Wood and he has really hit his stride Land of Unbelief takes place as mounting action and tensions created and observed by Tom and his growing group of companions escalate into an all out wa

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    The fourth in The Analyst series, Land of Unbelief is arguably the strongest to date Wood has built up a universe of the supernatural overlaid on a gritty real world and takes this opportunity to develop the characters we ve already met both big and

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    I love this series, and Land of Unbelief may well be my favorite installment yet or at least tied with King of Men As part four, it launches a major plot arc and makes for a great jumping in point for new readership Wood introduces additions to the cast while

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