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Mine! Dogs That Become Demonic Around The Food Dish, Snarly On The Sofa Or Grouchy When Chewing On A Bone Are All Too Common Here S A Step By Step Guide To Help You Recognize, Evaluate And Treat Resource Guarding In Pet Dogs.

About the Author: Jean Donaldson

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Mine! book, this is one of the most wanted Jean Donaldson author readers around the world.

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    This is a book for a dog trainer or serious and dedicated dog owner who is facing guarding resource problems getting all growly, bitey over food, people, furniture, etc This book isn t for the casual pet owner because it s far too technical and dry for a brand new pet owner but I d recommend a copy for anyone who has done some obedience work and fosters, rescues, etc because you really never know what you may face until

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    I was hoping for a usable guide to working with my dog on his resource guarding issues It is heartening to know there is a nonconfrontational way to deal with this very common issue But even though I ve done a lot of reading on positive reinforcement training methods and have used them with success in other areas, I had a hard time with the overly technical tone of this book Donaldson used way too much jargon, but then again thi

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    This book is fantastic for readers who have a strong prior knowledge of learning theory, counter conditioning and desensitization There are several very well fleshed out protocols for resource guarding behavior modification There is also a great example of how to work on body handling issues, which Donaldson suggests commonly co occurs with resource guarding behavior.There are very few other detailed resources out there The only unfortu

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    This is one of Jean Donaldson s better books it was very helpful and had lots of good suggestions for dealing with resource guarding of various types Sadly, it is just a guide and pamphlet, and doesn t go into troubleshooting...

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    The hierarchies make sense and can be very helpful The proof will be in the pudding, I ll be able to use some strategies for our object guading dog.

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    This is a must read for dog owners, especially those of resource guarding dogs.

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    Lucy s trainer recommended I read this book to get a better understand about where Lucy may be coming from as if Seriously, it s not something I could truly say I liked, didn t like, etc., which is why it got the 3 star middle of the road rating I found it helpful, which was the point.I didn t really finish it, either The latter part of the book was pretty much step by step instructions on how to work with a dog with resource guarding issues Since the primary issue Lu

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    So, my behaviorist recommended this book for me However, I didn t get through the entire book Like others have said, its very dry It reads like a textbook The problem for me is that my dog does not guard things or food from me Just other dogs I needed something that would teach me how to stop him from attacking our other pets if they get too close to his food Perhaps, this text book does go into that further in the book but I...

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    Just as the title indicates, this is a practical guide to treating resource guarding in dogs The exercises in this book are backed by the science of animal learning theory and are presented very clearly and thoroughly step by step The methods described to treat and modify resource guarding behavior are humane and ethical This book is slim therefore, a relatively quick read It provides all of the needed information in a manner that is compact yet thorough enough I highly recommend thi

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    Another slim book every single dog trainer, canine behaviourist, rescue person and shelter worker should have on their reference shelf MINE presents a clear explanation of various guarding behaviours and a series of ...

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