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Complete Works of Gustav Klimt Intriguing BeautyGustav Klimt s paintings are stunningly glorious Often complex in their textural detail, by way of their intrinsic patterns, they are painted in such glowing colours to the extent that they have a hypnotic effect that draws you into his work Yet, there are also portraits of such exquisite detail as to possess photographic intimacy, where he captures the beauty of his men, women and children w Great collection of Klimt s work A visual pleasureThere is commentary concerning some of Gustav Klimt s most famous paintings, followed by a pictorial catalogue of his complete works The images are dense so minute examination is possible. Interesting. The Austrian Symbolist Painter Gustav Klimt Was A Founding Member Of The Vienna Secession, Whose Celebrated Paintings And Murals Are Widely Regarded As Modern Masterpieces Of Twentieth Century Art The Masters Of Art Series Presents The World S First Digital E Art Books, Allowing Digital Readers To Explore The Works Of The World S Greatest Artists In Comprehensive Detail This Volume Presents Klimt S Complete Paintings In Beautiful Detail, With Concise Introductions And Hundreds Of High Quality Images Version 1 The Complete Paintings Of Gustav Klimt Over 250 Images, Fully Indexed And Arranged In Chronological And Alphabetical Order Includes Reproductions Of Rare Lost Works Features A Special Highlights Section, With Concise Introductions To The Masterpieces, Giving Valuable Contextual Information Enlarged Detail Images, Allowing You To Explore Klimt S Celebrated Works In Detail, As Featured In Traditional Art Books Hundreds Of Images In Stunning Colour Highly Recommended For Viewing On Tablets And Smart Phones Or As A Valuable Reference Tool On Conventional EReaders Special Chronological And Alphabetical Contents Tables For The Complete Paintings Easily Locate The Paintings You Want To View Scholarly Ordering Of Plates Into Chronological Order And Literary Genres Please Visit Www.delphiclassics.com To Browse Through Our Range Of Exciting E Art Books CONTENTS The Highlights THE THEATRE IN TAORMINA THE OLD BURGTHEATER IN VIENNA PORTRAIT OF PIANIST JOSEPH PEMBAUER LOVE MUSIC I PALLAS ATHENA NUDA VERITAS JUDITH AND THE HEAD OF HOLOFERNES GOLDFISH BEETHOVEN FRIEZE THE THREE AGES OF WOMAN PORTRAIT OF FRITZA RIEDLER WATER SNAKES I PORTRAIT OF ADELE BLOCH BAUER I THE KISS DANA TREE OF LIFE ADAM AND EVE The Paintings THE COMPLETE PAINTINGS ALPHABETICAL LIST OF PAINTINGS Please Visit Www.delphiclassics.com To Browse Through Our Range Of Exciting Titles

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