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The Angels Name The Angel s Name is an adorable love story and a brilliant start for debut author Selena Rivera The story made me smile and feel warm inside It s than a romance, ofa story of true love Bobby James pro football player and Rebecca a song writer meet by chance Neither can stop thinking about the other Nashville is only so big a city and they gravitate towards each other.Rivera does an astounding job using dialogue to bring out her characters Their personalities shine Bobby James is gentle hearted, hot, and a gentleman He s every woman s dream Rebecca is timid and a little insecure yet drawn to Bobby who puts her at ease Rebecca and Bobby aren t the only characters, Rivera does the same with all of them She brings out the quirks and personality through dialogue.I also loved the setting Tennessee is such a beautiful state and Nashville is an awesome city She captured the essance of what I felt during my stay in Nashville The pe For a debut indie novel, the author did a very good job with character development and world building The two main characters, Bobby James and Rebecca, have both endured major tragedies in their pasts Their chance meeting at the football stadium is Fate, or Destiny, finally shining a light on them With very little angst or present day trauma, this book is a good way to recover fr Wow Where to begin This is an excellent debut novel from a fresh new face on the indie author scene It s written in such a manner that it feels like the book reaches right out to you Ms Rivera knows how to combine the perfect elements of sweet, romantic, sexy, dramatic adventurous it turns out to be an addicting romance novel that you just can t seem to put down Rebecca has the perfect elements of a sweet, beautiful, kind young woman She isn t sure what to expect when she meets Bobby James, a famous football player, but she certainly wasn t expecting to lose her heart to him If you re looking for a different type of love story that wi Sometimes you just need a sweet love story to sweep you away That is what this book was kinda fairytale like There connection was heartwarming Rebecca had this sweetness about her that everyone just wanted to love her and protect her Bobby James was a Greek God lol Just the description of him alone will have you wanting This book gives you hope that sometimes fairytales do c I received copy of this book exchange for an honest review Love this story about Bobby James and Rebecca how they met A lovely romance read some drama but soul mates till the end Its easy to get lost in this book cause it passionate and Unique with amazing characters. I normally do not read too much romance with touches of erotica.With that saidI read this book in an afternoon The characters are what drive this story For a debut novelexcellent Looking forward to from this author The Angel s Name The Love and Lies Series 1 Selena Rivera 4 Stars Football Hottie meets his singing Muse My review on..link below EPUB The Angels Name By Selena Rivera Horsebackridingcolorado.us When Songwriter Rebecca Evans Moves To Tennessee To Pursue Her Career In Writing Music For A Country Singer, She Meets Cowboy Football Player, Bobby James, Who Becomes An Angel In Her Life But She S Worried That She Must Leave Her World Behind Her Grandma Would Never Understand Will Rebecca Take A Chance On A New Life With The Man She Loves Will It Be The Right Choice Review to come. This is a debut book I had many problems with this book For example He entered me so soft but yet rough It s either or Found some grammatical mistakes Edit, Edit Edit

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