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The Cocktail Party B Lent Ecevit In S Zleriyle Kokteyl Partide Eliot Iki T R Insan Ya Am N Kar La T R R Kimi Insanlar Kendi G Nl K Ya Amlar N N Dar Er Evesiyle Yetinirler Kendilerini A May Da Ba Kalar I In Ya Amay Veya Kendilerini Harcamay Da D Nmezler Ki Isel Mutluluklar Nde Gelir Onlar I In Asl Nda Pek Mutlu Da Olamazlar Kendi K K D Nyalar N N Eki Meleri, Ku Kular , H Rslar , K Skan L Klar I Inde Ya Amlar N Birbirlerine Zehir Ettikleri De Olur Ama Yine De O Ya Am N Er Evesini A May D Nemezler Veya Bundan Ekinirler.Kimi Insanlar N Se Ti I Yolun Sonu Ise Bir Kokteyl Parti Dir Fakat Sonu Bir Kokteyl Parti Olan Yolu, Kolay G R Nen Yolu Se Enlerin De, Ileli Yolu Se Enlerden Renebilecekleri Eyler Vard R E Er Renmeleri Gerekeni Renebilecek Olgunlu A Ula Abilirlerse, Onlar Da, Hi De Ilse, Kendi Ya Amlar Yla Daha Iyi Ba Da Abilirler. I re read this play every other year or so, it just never stops having meaning for me I first went to a performance of it in college, and I went back the night after, and the night after that I couldn t get enough I think th Cocktail Party, T.S EliotCharacters Edward Chamberlayne, Julia Mrs Shuttlethwaite , Celia Coplestone, Alexander Maccolgie Gibbs, Peter Quilpe, An Unidentified Guest later identified as Sir Henry Harcourt Reilly, Lavinia Chamberlayne, A Nurse Secretary, Caterer s ManAct I Scene 1The drawing room of the Chamberlayne s London flat Early evening EDWARD CHAMBERLAYNE, JULIA SHUTTLETHWAITE, CELIA COPLESTONE, PETER QUILPE, ALEXANDER MACCOLGIE GIBBS, and an UNIDENTIFIED GUEST.ALEX You ve missed the point completely, Julia There were no tigers That was the point.JULIA Then what were you doing, up in a tree You and the Maharaja ALEX My dear Julia It s perfectly hopeless You haven t been listening.PETER You ll have to tell us all over again, Alex.ALEX I ne We die to each other daily.What we know of other peopleIs only our memory of the momentsDuring which we knew them And they have changed since then.To pretend that they and we are the sameIs a useful and convenient social conventionWhich must sometimes broken We must also rememberThat at every meeting we are meeting a stranger TS Eliot said of The Cocktail Party,Whatever you find in it depends on what you bring to itWhich, of course, applies to much of his work How much The Cocktail Party resonates with you, as the reader, as the witness to its events, will depend on your experiences in the world The story surrounds a failing marriage at a crossroad The details of the drama become apparent through conversations during and after the cocktail party and conclude with another party two years later The catalyst that helps unfold the mystery is the Unidentified Guest who turns out to be a highly regarded psychiatrist, Sir Henry Harcourt Reilly The husband, Edward, abandoned by his wife, Lavinia, before the cocktail party that she planned, first opens up to this mysterious guest because he s a stranger To whi 1950

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