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Torn Between Two Highlanders (Sword and Thistle Book 2) When A Crofter S Daughter Is Kidnapped, Two Highland Warriors Come To Her Rescue But Which One Will Win Her As Far As Arabella Is Concerned, She Didn T Need To Be Rescued She Had Matters Perfectly Under Control Until Two Of Her Brawny Clansmen Thundered And Blundered Onto The Scene With Their Swords Unsheathed Now, For Her Sake, Malcolm, The Best Swordsman Of The Macrae Clan Is Wounded And Davy, His Cagey Russet Haired Comrade At Arms, Refuses To Leave Him Behind Insisting That Arabella Tend The Fallen Warrior Arabella Agrees, Even Though It Means Spending Days And Nights Alone With Two Men Who Plainly Desire Her Since Arabella S Reputation Is Already Ruined, She Now Feels Free To Bestow Her Soiled Virtue Upon The Man Of Her Choice But Davy And Malcolm Close As Brothers Are Willing To Share Her For A Single Night Awakened To Her Own Carnal Desires, Arabella Indulges The Men But When The Arrangement Lasts For Than Just One Night, And Lust Becomes Love, Arabella Is Torn Between The Quiet Depths Of Taciturn Malcolm And Davy S Sensual Charm Reader Advisory This Is An Erotic Romance Novella Of Approximately 40k Words That Contains Sizzling Menage Scenes, Voyeurism, And Exhibitionism For Adults Only. Would give it but in the end, nothing was completely finished. DELIGHTFULLY WICKED Wowza Double the pleasure and double the fun Torn Between Two Highlanders is the second book in the Sword and Thistle series by Laurel Adams and I absolutely love it Adams has dazzled her readers yet again with her amazing talent, incredible imagination and unique style This story just reached out and grabbed me from the get go and refused to let me go until I read the very last word I couldn t turn the pages fast enough I completely fell under the spell created by the magic and fantasy of Adam s skilled storytelling The story is exciting, thrilling, compelling, enthralling, powerful, enticing, romantic, arousing, sensual and steamy The dialog is smart and very well written The characters are captivating, fascinating, engaging, dark and sexy One of the things I love most about Adam s writing, is her ability to gain empathy for her characters from her readers You become totally immersed in the story and the lives of the characters It makes reading the book a much pleasurable and personal experience Heather has now become the harlot of Laird John Macrae She has completely submitted to him but it seems that the Laird has developed feelings for her and holds her affection most dear He sends her home to her father but the Donalds are at her father s farm They kidnap her sister Arabella and almost capture her as well Ian Macrae is injured while trying to protect Heather so Davy and Malcolm follow the Donalds to rescue Arabella But the two mighty warriors So Much BetterO.K., this 2nd book in the Sword and Thistle Series was so much better than book 1 This had a story to it and has a HEA Davy and Malcolm were so lovable throughout Arabelle was a spitfire with a good head on her shoulders I felt for all of them I liked this short story very m

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