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A Way of Escape No One Fought The War On Drugs With As Much Determination As County Prosecutor, Blake Ramsey, Until He Died Of A Cocaine Overdose His Wife, Erin, And Teenage Daughter Have To Live With The Shame Of His Hypocrisy Until Erin Starts Digging Up Information That Others In Their Small Town Do Not Want Revealed Suddenly She And Her Daughter Are In Great Danger And Forced To Run Their Only Ally Is The Last Person Erin Ever Expected To Trust, A Man Her Husband Once Convicted Of Murder.

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    This was a nice story romantic suspense with some interesting characters and lots of action I like how Serena B Miller weaves the Christian aspect into her novels.

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    It is good.I Have as yet to read a Serena B Miller tale that I didn t like Her characters are fully drawn and likable Her plots pull me into her world ,.

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    Cole thought she was the most perfect woman he d ever known until she testified against him putting him in prison for a murder he didn t commit After spendingthan a decade behind bars DNA evidence final proves his innocents Erin is trying to put her life back together after her husb

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    Erin Ramsey s life is suddenly overturned when her husband, Blake, is found dead of a drug overdose Ironic part is that Blake was a prosecutor who fought those selling drugs Then Erin s car is blown up in her garage After finding a cryptic message her husband wrote on the night he died, Erin

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