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Darwin Day In America: How Our Politics and Culture Have Been Dehumanized in the Name of Science Deals with the logical outworkings of scientific materialism in the culture, including its reach into the areas of criminal justice, medicine, sex, even architecture The information on eugenics is startling.I expected t DARWIN DAY IN AMERICA How Our Politics And Culture Have Been Dehumanized In The Name Of ScienceJOHN G WEST Updated With A Brand New Chapter For The Paperback EditionA Superb Overview Of What Happens Once We Start Seeing Man As An Overachieving Worm Marvin Olasky, World U P D A TED WITH A N EW CHAPT E R O N SCIENTISM I N THE AGE OF O B AMA At The Dawn Of The Twentieth Century, Leading Scientists And Politicians Giddily Predicted That Science Especially Darwinian Biology Would Supply Solutions To All The Intractable Problems Of American Society, From Crime To Poverty To Sexual Maladjustment.But The Results Have Been Disastrous, As Discovery Institute Senior Fellow John G West Demonstrates In This Captivating Book Based On Extensive Archival Research, Darwin Day In Americashows How The Ideology Of Scientism Has Corrupted American Politics And Culture Scientific Experts In Thrall To The Assumptions Of Philosophical Materialism Began Treating Human Beings As Little Than Animals Or Machines.The Consequences Have Been Far Reaching And Extend To The Present, As West Reveals In A Brand New Chapter For The Paperback On Scientism In The Age Of Obama. Those hoping to save science in the free world should read this Science in America is under assault from the Fundamentalist Right and Fundamentalist Left In the case of John West s Darwin Day In America, Creationists on the Right are getting better at what they do West s book may be diced in any number of ways but this reader sees it as five pronged 1 establish Darwin s theory as ultimately immoral, 2 claim immorality of scientists practicing materialistic, non directed science i.e not directed by God , 3 breed doubt about evolution and science in general, 4 portray the truth of Creationism as underdog against massive institutional odds, 5 offer the solution of Intelligent Design with instructions on teach the controversy approach because they have no evidence against evolution Ground the reader, inspire them, call for action.First, it s important to recognize who writes this book West is a Creationist for the Discovery Institute promoters of teaching religion in science class However, this alone does not make what West claims as incorre I am reading this as part of my research for a radio program on the implications of one s view of origins. The early sections on the eugenics movement in the US are outstanding Very interesting how the consensus of experts can be so messed up. A great book for those wondering how Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution have affected our culture. This book explores how scientific materialism, justified by belief in Darwinian evolution, has dehumanized our politics and our culture This book is valuable in bringing to light just how all pervasive the idea has become that we are just a higher form of animal life, that we have no soul, no will, that we are totally in thrall to our g Convincing argument that scientific materialism has dehumanized our culture But even if you don t accept the premise, it s still a good historical account of Darwinism, the eugenics movement and the overall clash of science and religion in the modern age.

About the Author: John G. West

John G West Jr..Dr John West is a Senior Fellow at the Seattle based Discovery Institute, where he is Associate Director of Discovery s Center for Science Culture and Vice President for Public Policy and Legal Affairs His current research examines the impact of Darwinian science on public policy and culture during the past century His other areas of expertise include constitutional law, American government and institutions, and religion and politics.Dr West was previously an Associate Professor of Political Science at Seattle Pacific University where he chaired the Political Science department, and he has taught political science and history courses at California State University, San Bernardino and Azusa Pacific University From 1986 1989, Dr West served as Managing Editor of Public Research, Syndicated, which distributed essays on public affairs to than 700 daily and weekly newspapers.Dr West has written or edited numerous books He also has contributed articles to a wide range of scholarly and popular outlets, including National Review Online, FoxNews.com, The Encyclopedia of the American Presidency, Wake Forest Law Review, Policy Review, The Washington Times, The Seattle Times, The Seattle Post Intelligencer, The St Louis Post Dispatch, The Detroit News, and The San Diego Union.Dr West holds a Ph.D in Government from Claremont Graduate University and a B.A in Communications from the University of Washington He is a recipient of several academic fellowships, including a Haynes Foundation Dissertation Grant, an Earhart Foundation Fellowship, a Richard Weaver Fellowship, and a Chevron Journalism Economics Scholarship Dr West is a member of the American Political Science Association, Pi Sigma Alpha the national political science honor society , and Phi Beta Kappa.

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