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The Stranger Next Door An exceptional work of literature This book is also a quick read. Pete is Alex s cat A boy names Rocky moves into Alex s neighborhood Alex wants to be his friend, but Rocky doesn t want to be his friend Later there are fires in the neighborhood Will they catch the person who set the fires Read this book to find out I really like this book You have got to read it Pete the jungle beast is a heroic cat he saved his person I need a cat like that. A mystery told from two points of view, so that the reader knows about Rocky s past and understands his reluctance to make friends, even as Alex grows to like Rocky and to wish that they could get to know each othe Pete the Cat isa nice mysterywith kid action,adult suspenseand humor.Listened with TTS.100% Clean. Highly enjoyable children s book featuring the clever, courageous, and capable cat Pete Some of the story is told from the cat s point of view in what to a cat lover seems like a highly authentic and humorous voice The plot s not bad too. This book is a fast paced read and great for readers with short attention spans There is always something happening and the constant additions to the text from Pete the cat keep things lively and fun There is a wide variety of subject material in the book and there was going on with the plot than I ascertained from reading the summary on the book The evasive young boy who moves in next door is actually trying to deal with being in the Witness Protection Program because his mother is testifying in a major drug trial I think the author does a good job portraying the mixed feelings and difficulty in adjusting that a boy this age would have with the whole situation He doesn t just passively accept his life being turned upside down, he is mad about it Most of the mystery element in this book revolves around Pete the cat The reader can see Pete s thoughts and understand his words and follows If There S A Mystery To Be Solved, Pete S Your Man Er, Your Cat Pete S A Cat, Specifically, Alex S Cat And Since Alex And His Family Moved Into A New Housing Development, Pete Is Alex S Only Friend Things Start Looking Up For Alex When Rocky Moves In Next Door But Rocky Isn T Very Friendly, And Alex Starts To Suspect He S Hiding Something And When The Neighborhood Is Terrorized By A Rash Of Fires And Vandalism, Pete Knows That He S Got To Investigate. Peg Kehret is one of my favorite children s mystery authors, though they are never usually scary , what I call spooky , but I like the spooky atmosphere They usually all teach a moral lesson, which I do like about them, and they sometimes show what to do in a dangerous situation and what not to do The books by her and Pete the Cat are some of my favorites by her, but I like the Ellen and Corey series a little better I also like some of the single books like Stolen Children I ve never read the Frightmares or the Disaster books by her Strangely, I didn t read this until after the sequel, because I didn t what order they went in, but after reading it, I did like it I did enjoy this than the sequel, because of the mystery and suspense, but all three in the series are well written When Alex, a 12 year old boy, This Is the Strangers Next Door I rated this one star because it is kinda boring and it just seems origanal like any other books.This book takes place in modern time.The setting takes place in a nieghborhood called Valley View Estates It use to be a skateboard park but they changed it to this The bullys in this book are Henery and Duke The main characters are Alex, Rocky, Benji, Mrs Kendrill,and Mr and Mrs Morris Rocky and Mr and Mrs Morris are new to Valley View estates So is Benji, Alex , And Mr and Mrs Kendrill but not as new Henery and Duke always bug Alex about living in Valley View Estates becuase they say only stuck up rich kids live there So Alex is new and doesnt really have any friends So then these people from New York come That is Mr and Mrs Morris and Rocky They changed their names because they dont want anybody to know who they are So nobody knows their real names Before they

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