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Will Choose (Djinn #1.5) Will Loves Kyra, But He Know He Can Never Be With Her He Is Guardjinn And She Is Djinn Their Love Is Forbidden.He Has A Duty To His People Will Is A Palace Guard And After The Blooders Attacked He Is Needed Than Ever.Will Knows He Should Stay Away From Kyra, But Then Why Does He Keep Ending Up At Her House, Watching Her From A Distance A Choice Is Coming.Love Or Duty What Will Will Choose I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review Will is a Guardjinn and is very good at protecting people But he is in love with Kyra and she is a Djinn Their love is forbidden and they know they are not suppose to be together but they cannot help the way that they feel for one another When the Blooders get onto the compound and cause trouble, Kyra is forced to do something that will give her nightmares During the fight Will loses his best friend Will must decide what he wants his future to be Does he choose duty or love Let me tell you that this entire short book broke my heart I am a big fan of the Djinn series and all of the characters This book was a very emotional read for me as the characters experience loss, hurt and confusion Once I finished the book I was not sure what my feelings were except thinking OMG, when does the next one come out My

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