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A Lesson in Truth David S A Graduate Student About To Finish His Thesis Michael S His Advisor And Former Instructor The Two Shouldn T Have Feelings For Each Other, But After Two Years Of Friendship And Longing, David Can No Longer Deny What He S Feeling Is Michael Ready To Accept Being Than A Teacher To A Man Fifteen Years Younger And If They Give Into Their Desires, Is It Only A Way For Them To Say Good Bye

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    Sloan Parker freebie from ARe This is the story of David, a student, and Michael, his instructor David has been in love with Michael for the two years that he s been studying, and is under t

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    3.5 Enjoyable free short Sexy and romantic this is a sweet read with some hot loving, a misunderstanding and a sigh worthy HEA all wrapped up in a bite size package that fills a corner very nicely And

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    Sloan Parker wow Love how she can encapsulate a complete story in just a few pages and make us feel that we understand the characters, their feelings, their love Plus hot sex on a professor s desk 4 stars.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Not nearly as good as Parker s More Than Just A Good Book, which I loved.The Plot A Lesson In Truth is a first time sex scene between an adv

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    Sloan Parker does it again A short story full with love, fun, companionship hot sex.David and Michael have a unique relationship as professor and student.David is a graduated working in his thesis, and have Michael as his advisor.

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    A free one scene short available on my website.David s a graduate student about to finish his thesis Michael s his advisor and former instructor The two shouldn t have feelings for each other, but after two yea...

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    This is a sweet, very passionate piece about a longing for love finally fulfilled Even though it isof a long scene, the characters and their emotions pulled me in from the start, and it was quite clear who they are and how much they mean to each othe

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    This is the second FREE short story from Sloan Parker that I read, after More Than Just a Good Book She does have one released novel, but it s an MMM and I a bit leary to try books that state upfront that it will be an MMM Well, back to this one, I think it s

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    Sometimes it is like men speak a different language when they are talking to each other Communication should be taught in school grin

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    A very sweet, sexy, read that was far too short I would have loved learning a littleabout David and Michael, but in the end, nothing mattered but what they learned.

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