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Going Green In The Ambiguously Near Future, A Snap Decision By A Government Official Inadvertently Sets In Motion The Destruction Of Mankind Going Green Chronicles The Brief Journey From Infection To Extinction Through A Series Of Short, Interconnected Stories, Peppered With Colorful Commentary From Both The Skeptics And Those Just Looking To Survive This Print Edition Of Going Green Contains Special Bonus Materials And Illustrations That Are Not Available In E Book Format Please Note The Following Is A Lighthearted And Satirical Novella It Is Not Intended For Use As A Survival Guide In The Event Of An Actual Zombie Apocalypse.

About the Author: Christina McMullen

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Going Green book, this is one of the most wanted Christina McMullen author readers around the world.

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    This endlessly fun and satirical take on the zombie apocalypse is a neat little showcase for author Christina McMullen s talents Each chapter highlights a different character and stage in the progression of the outbreak They are all effectively told with hilarious dry wit that challenges genre conventions McMullen has done her homework, as her take on a near future society spin

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    When I first started this book, I will admit, I thought, Oh, not another Zombie Apocalypse story Well, that sentiment rang true, but the emphasis soon changed to a different syllable This is not another Zombie Apocalypse story.It has some of the same basics as most, sure, but this isa work of satire, a new approach to a fast tiring sub genre It s not so much one long story, but a

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    I ve somehow mostly lost out on the whole zombie phenomenon until now, but I thought this had an interesting set up, being told through a series of interconnected stories so I grabbed it when it was free onThe writing style appealed to me from the start It s got a fairly consistent humor running all the way through, that may not be of the laugh out loud kind, but entertaining just

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    This is a short zombie book however, so much happens in these few little pages 85p it doesn t feel like a short story at all In fact, it containsthan other full size novels I ve read.It might feel that way because the author put everything in it the beginning of the virus, how it spread, what happens as it spreads, what happens after and so forth We even have some kind of an overview

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    I read this in one sitting and although it s not a long read it still says something for the quality of the writing This is a light and entertaining zombie romp with a sing in the tail The narrative arc circles through several sets of characters who are all convincing and voice perfect, showing the progression of the out break and the decline of civilization It s very tongue in cheek w

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    What happens when you try to do something for the greater good According to Ms McMullen, you set off a chain reaction that leads to the zombification of all humanity Well, almost all of them I enjoyed the plot of this book and read it all in one sitting mostly because I love a good zombie tale and can t sleep at night until I know the conclusion Her writing style makes it easy to read an

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    Going Green was a fabulous little read Short Witty Funny Satire at its finest I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a couple laughs who wants to read about the zombie apocalypse in the time of interstellar travel.

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    First a disclaimer I am not really a zombie fan I thought the older Romero movies were okay for a laugh but the recent explosion of yet another zonie tale YAZT tm has gone on far too long in my opinion.So my approach on reading Going Green was somewhat jaded But boy was I surprised It s not that that this book adds much to the Zombie mythos, but the sheer delight in how the author spins the

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    A fascinating take on old fearsBefore I go any further into this review, I just have to say that this book was very hard to put down I read the entire thing in under 3 hours, and rarely finish any book in one sitting.Christina McMullen has produced a very fascinating series of interwoven tales that follow a single catastrophic decision through to it s apocalyptic conclusion We watch through th

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    I picked this book up in a free promotion Zombie horror is not usually my first choice, but I have watchedthan a few zombie films, so, I thought I d give it a read I really enjoyed it.It is the story of a zombie apocalypse While this is not new, the author s style of writing delivers the story in an interesting way The style shifts as the zombie wave advances, and the story moves with the wave f

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