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Under a Colder Sun (Khale the Wanderer, #1) A Grimdark Fantasy Adventure Set In A World Of Darkness And Chaos Khale The Wanderer Dark Warrior Of Legend, A Reaver With A Demon S Soul King Alosse Ruler Of Colm, Willing To Risk Everything To Save His City And Its People Princess Milanda An Innocent, Kept Pure Since Birth, Unknowing Of Her Fate Neprokhodymh The Cursed City Of Sorcerers Where Khale Must Make A Choice That Will Scar Him For Life, Or Fall Into Darkness Forever INCLUDES BONUS SHORT STORIES Timestone And Each Dawn, I Die.

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    Take a very grimdark sort of tale, put an uncomfortably dark anti hero at the forefront, and you have the basic recipe for Under a Colder Sun I ve read a lot of fantasy, and I do tend to enjoy the darker side of the fantasy genre, but even I was a bit shocked at what Greg James pulled off here.Khale the Wanderer is a

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    I haven t read this book yet , but it is one of the 10 finalists in the Self Published Fantasy Blog Off That s 10 out of 270 hopefuls Read about the competition herehttp mark lawrence.blogspot.co.ukSee blogger ratings and reviews of the finalists here

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    Full review over at Fantasy Book CriticANALYSIS Under A Colder Sun is Greg James dark tribute to Robert E Howard s Conan and perhaps a credible hat tip to Kane by Karl Edward Wagner The story is perfectly set in the grimdark mold and captured my imagination the most among the entire set of books that were in my SPFBO line up The story b

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    Under a Colder Sun is one of the books that made it through Mark Lawrence s SPFBO contest, so you already know that the quality of the writing is at the very least passable.Up until now I ve been relatively impersonal with my reviews, focusing on the writing and plot This review will be a temporary detour from that into the realm of ranting, feel

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    This book could easily have been a 5 star I m sad it didn t because I really enjoyed reading it.The book has a good pace, although the beginning was a bit strange But after that it completely hooked me in The prose has very creative, superb moments like chapter 16 Also, it felt very much alive with its descriptions of the rotten world of Khale But the auth

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    DISCLAIMER I was given an ARC advance review copy of Under A Colder Sun in exchange for a review.Under A Colder Sun is unlike any other book I ve read where the villain is actually the hero This tale is about Khale the Wanderer, who by all accounts, is evil and one should cower in his presence Yet, at the same time, he ends up being the hero But not the hero of fair

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    Finalist of SPFBO Read the full list of finalists here Khale an immortal, evil warrior guy is hired by the King of Colm to take his pure, virginal daughter Milanda to a city of sorcerers, where she will be sacrificed in exchange for keeping Colm from being invaded for a little while.Thoughts on the plus side, this is a short read and the writing itself was solid, if at times

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    Such beautiful writing and vivid atmosphere that tingled at my imagination Shame that the characters have the depth of my pinkie toe, and the sub plots are about as clear as the mud and grime that coat each chapter ...

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    I need a drink after finishing this The story is dark, extremely dark and never quite explained as to why the world is so dark I disliked the main hero , Leste The only person in the book who can be considered a hero and I found her a pig headed naive person who needed a good slap The other characters at least suited the situation in which they lived.The ending I have mixed feelings on On...

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    Loyalty, he thought, the first and the worst of all sins.But Timoth had come to accept that common men, rich and poor, lived to disturb and upset the world around them.But beware the men of this world above all things They have a darkness born to them that not even the Gods can fathom I know this because I am its root and seed.I really enjoyed this book It s super short just over 200 pages , so this revi

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