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Flame (The Ragnarök Prophesies #3) Flame The Ragnar K Prophesies 3 Free Author A.K Morgen Who Do You Trust When Betrayal Threatens To Destroy Everything You Hold Dear When Arionna Jacobs Fled Town In A Desperate Bid To Save Dace Matthews, She Never Expected The Chaos She Would Leave In Her Wake Now Her Closest Friend Is Dead, And Another Is Missing, Forcing Ari To Return To Face The Devastating Consequences Of Her Actions And The Broken Boy She Left Behind Her Problems Are Only Just Beginning Even As Her Bond With Dace Grows Stronger, Arionna Finds Herself Weakening When Freki S Cage Shatters Fighting The Wolf For Control Is Tearing Her Apart Piece By Piece And At Every Turn, She Finds That Those She S Put Her Faith In Aren T Who They Seem, Bringing Her Face To Face With Sk Ll And Hati As The Depth Of Their Betrayal Is Revealed, Freki Spirals Out Of Control, And Arionna Must Face Her Greatest Fear Losing Herself To The Fierce Wolf Within The World Balances On The Edge Of A Blade, And One Wrong Move Will Destroy It All With Few Allies She Can Trust And Little Choice Left, Arionna Must Decide Between The Lives Of Her Friends And Her Own Future With The Alpha She Loves Will She Be Able To Stand Firm For The Sake Of The World, Or Will She Falter In The Face Of Defeat This book is a great length with an interesting plot I enjoyed the characters of Dace and Ronan and their continued strength and ability to fight, even through dreadful and extreme circumstances. I don t know where to start with this A little less of the recapping would have been good Its awlays helpful inthe beginning of the following book but this just got a bit repetitive I did like hownorse stories were involved and the suspense I didn t predict who hati was we rejoin the world of Dace, Ronan, the wolves, and Ari to of coursebloodshed and fighting the keep control I m ot going to lie With such a huge gap between books it too me a while to get into it which surprised me with how much I loved the first two

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