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America America We Have The Country We Want Is Smart, Witty And Filled With Information Worthy Of The Patriotic Conversations Of Our Forefathers Rating 5.0 Stars From Readers Favorite Reviews America, We Have The Country We Want Offers A Fresh Perspective And A Common Sense Approach In Examining Some Of Today S Most Talked About Social Issues In This Book Mullen Looks At The Failures Of Corporate America Including The Violation Of Sacred Trusts Between Employer And Employee Vanishing Retirement And The Throw Away Employee.The Role Of Education And A Few Of The Most Popular Education Myths Used By Politicians Are Revealed, Including Entry Level Job Skills Gap, STEM, And College For Everyone.American Politicians Like To Play The Blame Game Over Spend Budgets, And Then Blame The Rich Ignore Policies That Produce Jobs, And Then Blame Corporate CEO S Need Money For Entitlement Programs, Blame The Treasury For Not Printing Enough.The 1st And 2nd Amendments Of The Constitution Continue To Be The Most Controversial Pieces Of Legislation Of All Time Mullen Looks At These Laws And Frames A Common Sense Assessment On Religious Holiday Displays, Religion In School, And The War On Guns.Why Does The Media Exist Mullen Examines This And The Unintended Consequences Of Social Media.

About the Author: Mark Mullen

After spending 35 years as a leader in the public sector, Mark has turned his attention toward examining and writing on America s cultural and social issues.His opinionated, muckraking style of writing exposes the underbelly of business and political practices While he explores mainly American economics, business, education, and politics, Mark s focus is on the difficulties of getting by in America, especially for the middle class Sociological patterns underlying business, cultural, and political behaviors are analyzed through a critical, sarcastic, and sometimes humorous lens.America, We Have the Country We Want, is a set of centrist observations and reflections intended to entertain and enlighten with commentary on some of today s most talked about social issues business, education, society, religion guns, and the media Mark shares why he believes Americans are comfortable with the familiar, even when the familiar is bad for us Mark s newest book, America We Need a Raise examines America s disappearing middle class and offers a set of remedies to offset poor political and business decision making Middle class income continues to shrink while the prices of commodities and services grow Higher paying middle class skilled jobs have been replaced with low paying retail and service work It doesn t have to be this way Mark s proposed solutions could vastly improve the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans and their descendants while at the same time strengthen America s economy.

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    What a great book on how America has become the way that it is The author clearly has knowledge in America s current shortcomings and doesn t feel guilty expressing his opinions Many people envision America as being the land of dreams and the place where all of their hopes will come true I m really glad that there is an author out there who will tel

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    Mark Mullen s America We Have the Country We Want takes a common sense approach to social issues in the US The author takes a look at some of the shortcomings of corporate America, the issues in education, and other social issues The opinions and arguments set forth by Mullen support the conclusion that we have the country we want, and that we are comfortabl

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    I think what the author says in this book makes a lot of sense because it s basically common sense without the polarization that we so often see with many US citizens and politicians now They feel as though they have to pick a side, right or left, and forget that sometimes what is really better for most is in the middle.The author tackles huges issues like media repr

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