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Collision After reading and loving You Loved Me At My Ugliest and You Loved Me At My Weakest, I couldn t wait to give the Portland Street Kings Series a try Unfortunately it didn t work for me Collision is book 1 and it really was ridiculous I would have probably enjoyed it if the characters were a lot younger Slater was in h DNF ed at chapter 3.Prologue was extremely well put together The emotions and the gravity of the situation was heartfelt Thereafter, I went into the book bubbling with excitement However, if simply didn t come together for me at all It was a slow and tedious read for me unt Reading Collision Author Evie Harper Chardonneret.eu When I Was Fourteen Years Old, I Killed For The First Time That Day I Learned Cruelty Wasn T Only Within The Walls We Had Just Escaped It Hasn T Been Easy Growing Up In The Middle Of A War A Struggle To Find Shelter Fighting To Protect Our Bodies Against The Corruption Of The Streets Nobody Cared About The Street Kids Who Had To Beg And Steal To Eat Now We Are The Portland Street Kings A Family Forged Through Loyalty Not Blood To Get Through This Life Of Broken Dreams Alive, We Ve Become Hard, Uncaring And Merciless We Do What Must Be Done To Keep Our Family Safe, We Will Harm Those Who Stand Against Us We Have It All, Feared And Respected By Those On The Streets Then She Collided Into My World, And With Her Came Demons From My Past, Back To Haunt Us All. This was a pretty good read Slater was fourteen years old when he helped the other foster kids at the home they were living in and escaped after discovering the foster dad had killed the youngest girl, Mia Slater is the king he is the oldest of his siblings they grew up on the streets and growing up the way he did you had to be tough and he will go to any lengths to protect his family Slater meets Piper one night at a bar after he kicks some dudes but for making fun of her for stuttering There s something electric between he and Piper After weeks of meeting up at the bar they finally make plans to officially go on a date Only Slater discovers Piper works for Child Protective Services who left him and his family in that terrible home When Slater first hooks up with Piper it was suppose to be for one night with all of the things that is going on in his life he can t afford much , but their is something about Piper I really liked Piper she was strong and didn t hold back when speaking her mind Piper also grew up in a group home Slater struggles with his feelings for Piper and what she does for a living it is something he hates But when he finds out that a rival street gang know We do it for family starsFoster care let this family down, not a family by blood but of love, being together was survival which lead to the start of The portland street kings a street gang.A family that helps runaways and broken kids like they once where but at the same time a family name with a reputation that proceeds them.It s a story of how the past can define the future but in an instant it can change.The past can also come back to haunt and it does, some good and bad.Slate is the head of the family, a family that had had to steal and wheel deal to survive, they have claim on their turf and like all gangs have rivals.The main plot focuses on Slate and Piper, a bar one night stand that becomes , their relationship and the revelations that arise A hot read with danger Collision the act of colliding Evie Harper takes you on a ride where hidden truths are revealed, and family secrets exposed as we drift through this alternative world she has created full of street thugs, fast cars and brutal beatings This is a ride through the harsh streets of Portland where potholes, twists and turns exist on every road.Slater In the prologue you see him as child full of raw emotions Skip to Chapter One and you see him as the man he has become He is the King, the oldest of his siblings and he s hardcore Growing up on the streets, being tough was his only option in order to protect his family And he will go to any lengths to do just that With the constant battle between an old friend and his gang, Slater has his hands than full and isn t looking for anything than a night Especially with his loss that hangs over his head and clouds his heart while haunting his soul But for Slate, one night turns into another night and before he knows it, he s in deep Fuck, my life, my meaning for life has become this girl Piper This woman is strong and her strength throughout this no 5 COLLIDING STARSI m going to claim you, Piper I m going to own you, body and soul I m going to bring you into my world and you re going to be my queenCollision was the first Evie Harper book I ve read and I was not disappointed at all It reminded me of The Fast and the Furious mixed with The Outsiders Growing up in Portland, you had to be tough and gain respect, if not you d be walked on and get killed.If I tried to describe to you how this book made me feel, I d be up all night Ugh for this book this story gave me so many feels I can t with this book It was pure mind f ckery at its best Slater In the prologue we re introduced to him as a child and the harsh and brutal conditions he lived through along with his foster siblings They manage to escape after a tragic event shattered their world and they decide enough is enough No abuse No neglect No pain Fast forward the years and we meet the man he becomes a street thug who s the King of the streets in Portland His family and him did whatever they had to, to survive He s tough and hardcore but he protects what he loves Piper She has a speech impairment but it doesn t stop her from being fierce and incredibly strong She s one of those characters that grows throughout the book At first you notice her shy and vulnerable side soon you witness her feisty and I don t take sh t from no one side When it came to Slater she never fought against what she felt for him and she wasn t afraid t This series has lots of potential Its a gangbanger romance At least I think that s a trope now Obviously, being gang members, the men are all tattooed bad boys There was lots of drama, a good amount of action, and a really good plot twist All good things for fans of these types of books.That being said, while being a good enough read, the story did not resonate with me It was lacking a level of maturity that I would expect from 30 y o characters I thought, based on the super emotional and engaging prologue, that this book would get under my skin But we go right from the prologue to raunchy sex in the bathroom of the bar, where the girl is holding on to the nasty toilet seat At one point she even rests her head on her arms on the toilet seat This grossed me out so much that the story started to unravel I mean, ew, public toilet seat in a bar And you know public toilets dont have lids so she was up close and personal with some nasty bodily fluids and lots of germs I wanted Review To come ARC provided by author in exchange of honest reviewCollision It is define as an instance of one moving object or person striking violently against another So what happens when two worlds collide Two hearts Two strangers colliding on one path Is it fate or just random circumstance When we collide are we ready for the impact and the consequences that comes along with it If you are familiar with Evie Harper and her previous books, you would know that Evie is indeed a storyteller She grips her reader s attention with her detailed and beautiful prose She allows her readers to be fully invested with her characters whether it be heartbreaking, raw, or emotional So in Collision, Evie Harper once again takes her readers for a full on ride of emotions, sexiness, and second chances So sit back as she takes you on hell of a ride that is filled with grit, steam, loss, and emotions Be prepared as our world will collide with The Portland Street Kings.Slater is the leader of The Portland Street Kings He is the oldest of his foster siblings After escaping with his siblings from a monster of a foster parent, Slater and his siblings knew what it was like living on the streets and surviving His siblings are his family and he will go at all cost to protect them and his turf What Slater didn t expect was when a woman to get under his skin and affect him in such a way that reminded of someone in hi

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