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A Heart Revealed A Heart Revealed Read Author Josi S Kilpack Federicoscridel.eu Amber Marie Sterlington, The Rage Of The Season In Regency Era London, Has Her Pick Of Men, And She Knows What She Wants Most In A Husband A Title And A Fortune Why Would She Ever Marry For Something As Fickle As Love And Why Would She Ever Look Twice At Thomas Richards, A Third Son Of A Country Lord But When Amber S Social Standing Is Threatened, The Character Of Her Future Husband Becomes Far Important Than His Position After A Public Humiliation, She Finds Herself Exiled To Yorkshire Alone Except For Her Maid, Amber Is Faced With A Future She Never Expected In A Circumstance Far Below What She Has Known All Her Life Humbled And Lonely, Amber Begins To Wonder If Isolation Is For The Best Who Could Ever Love Her Now

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    4.5 Stars I love this Proper Romance line really, I love a clean, fun romance and this one was definitely unique I ve read a lot of books by this author, if not all of them This one was unlike anything she s done before and she totally nailed it.It s safe to say that Amber is a snob, completely self centered, an

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    What if I told you about a story that was driven by the MCs perception Expectation Acceptance And, before now, a subject that I have never seen touched upon in a fictional story What if I recommended that you start it afresh Read the book editorial and maybe several of your trusted GR friends valued opinions What if I sug

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    A surprising book It isn t what I call Regency romance It isn t witty and amusing in a way those romances are This book is of an own kind I have enjoyed it very much, there were even moments when I thought it was amazing.What I love the most is a transformation which Amber underwent, although she wasn t the only one which changed H

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    Thomas Richards is a less than exalted member of the elite In London for the Season, he will be lucky to find a wife willing to move to the north country He has no business falling for raging beauty, Amber Sterlington.As she confirms for him, sternly, when he dares to ask her to dance.Amber is in London to secure her position To make the mos

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    4.5 stars Sometimes it takes extreme circumstances for a person to change for the better Amber Sterlington is the bell of the London Season She turns all heads when she walks into the room Men flock to her She knows she is beautiful and knows how to use it to her advantage The unthinkable happens and she is disgraced, sent into exile, and humbled.Thom

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    Got to read an ARC from Deseret Book It s a cute story, and I absolutely loved the author s writing style I loved all the literary references in the latter half of the book, and I almost thought the author was going to do a play Believe me if all these endearing young charms I loved that the conflict was different, that it was not a one conniving woman or evil

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    2.5 stars Thank you, Linda for your beautiful review and a challenge Even though, the story didn t work for me, our discussion was so much fun Loved it If I think of an overall message of the story, it is this 1 Physical work and the wholesome virtuous thoughts is a guide for the correct path in life.2 Working class will provide the above guidance to their betters.I have

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    3.75 Stars A nice and pleasant romance I was going to make my review short and simple, but I feel the need to express that though it was nice and pleasant to read, you knew exactly where this was going and how it w...

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    3.5 3.75 stars I liked it but a little less than REALLY liked it.Amber Sterlington, the daughter of Viscount Merchant, is the reigning belle of the ton So what if her sister was supposed to come out with her her sister can take a back seat for all Amber cares She aims to have a good time and carefully choose her husband based on who has the highest title and most money NOW When her new maid

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    I m most familiar with Josi Kilpack for her culinary cozy mystery series which I love so I was interested to see how she would do in the regency romance arena I m glad to say that she delivered Amber Sterlington is beautiful and knows it She s a snob and extremely unlikable She s shallow and has men lining up for her attention Thomas Richards doesn t have title or a fortune He s kind and likable and

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