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Farewell, My Lovely Marlowe S About To Give Up On A Completely Routine Case When He Finds Himself In The Wrong Place At The Right Time To Get Caught Up In A Murder That Leads To A Ring Of Jewel Thieves, Another Murder, A Fortune Teller, A Couplemurders, Andcorruption Than Your Average Graveyard

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    Definitely my favorite Chandler, beating out The Big Sleep by a star andthan a dozen memorable lines This book is absolutely soaking in quotables and may have the best prose of any noir I ve ever read Add in a classic main character and a solid plot and you have a nice shiny bundle of win PHILIP MARLOWE Chandler s iconic PI is an arrogant alcoholic who fails every

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    Mr Philip Marlowe is six feet tall and weighing 190 lbs man, women find quite attractive, maybe a tough guy to many onlookers in a sleazy and a low paying occupation too, but is not a superhero, no eyes in the back of the head when someone smashes his skull with a club from behind, bigger stronger men can and do beat him to a bloody pulp, still the private detective

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    I love Goodreads it has really enhanced my reading experience And at the same time added to my anxiety There are too many great books to read I have at least 3k physical books on my TBR pile in my office that has really turned into a book storage space When another reader posts something about one of my favorite books, I stop and think about how much I loved that boo

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    First of all I m so partial to R.Chandler s books that I d easily give only the titles three stars,and this gem is definitely a five star title.Apart from this sentimental love and hate story,I m ALWAYS impressed by the characters speaking like they carry a book of wit and humor,to the point that I ll start picking up sharp edged setences from here and add them to my

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    She s a nice girl Not my type You don t like them nice He had another cigarette going The smoke was being fanned away from his face by his hand I like smooth shiny girls, hardboiled and loaded with sin Hey, copper, it s how I talk, see MahhhhhhThis was exactly what the doctor ordered after a blitz of wonderful yet terribly earnest books, one after the other This classi

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    Philip Marlowe is looking for a woman s missing husband when he encounters Moose Malloy, a brute fresh out of prison, looking for his lost love Velma Moose kills a man and Marlowe gets corralled into looking for the missing Velma In the mean time, Marlowe gets another gig as a bodyguard and soon winds up with a corpse for a client Will Marlowe find Velma and get to the

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    Excerpts from a dinner honoring the 2016 winner of the Otis Chandler Award for Literary CriticismAudience Question You re known for your essay on the Kantian aesthetic of disinterested judgment as seen in the works of James Joyce, William Gaddis, and Dan Brown Are there other authors or titles that come to mind, perhaps evenfocused on the primacy of style Steve Well, let

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    Phillip Marlowe is one of the most famous and influential characters in detective fiction He s also a racist alcoholic, and after all the blows to the head he routinely takes, he s almost certainly suffering from post concussion syndrome so you gotta question his judgment.But he s also the guy that says things like thisIt was a blonde A blonde to make a bishop kick a hole

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    It s impossible to think of anything that might be remotely fresh and interesting to say about this book It s a classic of crime fiction it was first published in 1940, and it s been reviewed thousands of times, mostly by people farcompetent than I.Suffice it to say that this is the second full length novel featuring Los Angeles detective Philip Marlowe, following The Big

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    Not as complicated as it seems or as Chandler would like you to believe And that s a okay I love a little private dick action and this is perfectly satisfying This story of a thug getting out of prison and trying to find his girl is fairly straightforward, but Raymond Chandler throws a bucketload of red herrings into Farewell, My Lovely in an attempt to throw you, dear read

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