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Crack the Indie Author Code Are you an Indie writer This is Robert Chazz Chute s book of encouragement on staying the course as an Indie writer Overall, I liked his style and his advice on writing and branding and to just keep going This book is a series of his blog posts so keep that in mind as you read it. Boiled Down, Updated And Revamped From Over 1,000 Blog Posts On ChazzWrites.com Nominated On Of The Top Self Publishing Blogs Of 2012 Tips And Inspiration For People Who Want To Write And Publish Save Time Why It S Okay To Write Quickly.Promotion What To Do And How Much Avoid Mistakes With Editing Tools That Make Your New Career Easier.The Best Deal Of Your Writing Life Get Inspired And Stay Inspired.Intuitive Mind Tricks To Break Writer S Block.Top 10 Lists To Make You Giggle And Make You Think.This Is Solid Writing And Publishing Advice With A Sense Of Humor. I ve been reading Robert Chazz Chute s blog for some time, and these chapters are reminiscent of his style witty, informative, and well written.Even as a writer who s been at this for a while, I found Mr Chute s words to inspire He also has the ability to get his points across quickly and succi Great resourceThis holds a wealth of information within Why 4 stars I did skip quite a bit But, after the ink is dried, this does contain some bits of advice and Somme humorous tales. Whacky but goodI have never come across a non fiction book that is writtenlike a story I found it refreshing, and the writing style does not take away from the valuable information presented I read on a Kindle, and make notes as I go along so that I can reread sections or specific advice later With this book, there are 29 Write to delight yourself and hope that you find someone who agrees with your take , and Write each chapter as if it s a short story are but two of these.There are Whacky but goodI have never come across a non fiction book that is writtenl

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