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The Road Through the Wall The Compelling Novel That Began Shirley Jackson S Legendary CareerPepper Street Is A Really Nice, Safe California Neighborhood The Houses Are Tidy And The Lawns Are Neatly Mowed Of Course, The Country Club Is Close By, And Lots Of Pleasant Folks Live There The Only Problem Is They Knocked Down The Wall At The End Of The Street To Make Way For A Road To A New Housing Development Now, That S Not Good It S Just Not Good At All Satirically Exploring What Happens When A Smug Suburban Neighborhood Is Breached By Awful, Unavoidable Truths,The Road Through The Wall Is The Tale That Launched Shirley Jackson S Heralded Career.For Than Seventy Years, Penguin Has Been The Leading Publisher Of Classic Literature In The English Speaking World With Than 1,700 Titles, Penguin Classics Represents A Global Bookshelf Of The Best Works Throughout History And Across Genres And Disciplines Readers Trust The Series To Provide Authoritative Texts Enhanced By Introductions And Notes By Distinguished Scholars And Contemporary Authors, As Well As Up To Date Translations By Award Winning Translators.

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    Foreword, by Ruth Franklin The Road Through the Wall

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    Having read some of Shirley Jackson s most famous novels, as well as her recent biography, I thought I would like to read all her work, from the beginning This is her first novel, written in 1947 and published in 1948, the same year as, The Lottery Jackson was to say, that the first book an author publishes is the book written to get back at their parents, and, certainly, there are hints that some of this novel comes fro

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    I m currently slowly working my way through all of Shirley Jackson s books many for the umpteenth time it was a pleasure to revisit this, her very first novel, originally published in 1948 Road tells the story of the residents of Pepper Street in a genteel suburb of San Francisco in the summer of 1936 That these people are by and large a distinctly unpleasant bunch of alternately backbiting, bigoted, snobbish, or mean spi

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    First let me comment on this particular publication, which was riddled with editing errors, at one point referring to one of the characters, Miss Fielding, as Miss Flemming Further, the description on the back of the book doesn t fit the story Very bizarre All that said, though slightly different from Jackson s later novels, which easily fall into the horror genre, The Road Through the Wall still delivers in Jackso

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    3.5 stars, rounded downI love Shirley Jackson a lot, but this book didn t really grab me I think it s because there were too many characters and I didn t really get what was going on half of the time There were some great scenes and her characteristic weirdness and the great description of female companionship, but it left something to be desired I think I will...

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    This is a series of everyday vignettes about the horrible, horrible, normal people that fill the microcosm of Pepper Street Horrible children, horrible spinsters, horrible wives and husbands The horribleness of the community builds with each page, so the entire time, I...

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    As far as I can tell, this was Shirley Jackson s first novel It has a few flaws but you can recognize her She already had her fingers on the pulse of the dark underside in American suburban life The Lottery, the short story which made her career, was published in The New Yorker in the same year as this novel.Over a period of one summer, a group of families, all of which live on the same block, interact in the way of small nei

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    Having sat with it awhile, I think this might actually be one of my favourites the writing is smooth and dark, and Jackson, masterful as always at her character studies, gives us a whole road of them, sketching each character with apparent ease Everyone was awful, in a completely believable way, and even while the ending was brutal and mostly unexpected, Jackson s calm continuat...

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    The Road Through the Wall is Queen of Creepy Shirley Jackson s first novel In the foreword to the Penguin edition which I borrowed from the library, Ruth Franklin writes Compared to The Haunting of Hill House or We Have Always Lived in the Castle, Jackson s masterful late novels, The Road Through the Wall is a slighter work But it is marvellously written, with the careful attention to structure, the

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    A creepy look at suburbia as only Shirley Jackson could tell it.

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