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The Spiritual Brain Does God Exist Do We Have A Soul Is It Possible To Make Contact With A Spiritual Realm How Should We Respond To The Divine Will Lifecontinue Beyond Death Whether You Are A Deeply Religious Person, A Spiritual Seeker, Or One Who Has Come To Doubt Or Disbelieve In A Spiritual Power, You Have Probably Pondered These Questions And At Least Begun To Answer Them For Yourself In Fact, Archaeological And Historical Records Show That Even The Earliest Humans Were Aware Of A Spiritual Realm And Developed Religious Practices As A Result.One Of Humanity S Most Awesome Forces, The Spread And Practice Of Religion Has Exerted A Profoundly Outsized Effect On Individuals And Entire Civilizations, Altering The Course Of History The Religious Impulse Is So Powerfully Pervasive That Neuroscience Has Posed A Provocative Question Are Our Brains Wired To Worship In The Spiritual Brain Science And Religious Experience, Award Winning Scholar And Practicing Neuroscientist Dr Andrew Newberg, Director Of Research At The Myrna Brind Center Of Integrative Medicine At Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Offers You 24 Riveting Lectures That Explore The New And Exciting Field Of Neurotheology, A Discipline Aimed At Understanding The Connections Between Our Brains And Different Kinds Of Religious Phenomena Using An Academic, Experimental Approach Into What He Calls Objective Measures Of Spirituality, Dr Newberg Attempts To Explain What Others Have Previously Only Guessed At The Neuroscientific Basis For Why Religion And Spirituality Have Played Such A Prominent Role In Human Life. You can take a good deal of information from this course and you can see the bad things also , it was too long though and it would ve been better to include specific details like mentioning the brain areas in certain conditions.Overall, it is good. This is a collection of twenty four lectures about the neurology of spirituality The lecturer knows his audience contains some who want to think of spirituality as somehow transcending the reality of the workings of the brain, thus he is diplomatic on such suggestions But its apparent to any honest assessment of reality, no brain no thoughts including spiritual thoughts So the lecture at one point makes the point that if there is a God capable of communication with humans any messages will need to pass through the human brain i.e Messages sent by radio waves will be totally unperceived by humans unless there happens to be a manmade radio receiver near by This cartoon illustrates an interesting question above is not from the lectures or Dr Newberg.I found it interesting how different thought processes incorporate different parts of the brain As an example I ve included the following excerpt that discusses the process of developing empathy Note in the following excerpt that feelings of empathy for people who are different from ourselves requires additional activity of the frontal lobe whereas empathy for those who are similar is prompted by deeper seated parts of the brain responsible for perceiving emotions Another study found that inferring the emotional state of someone who is not similar to us relies upon the same neural structures as having empathy for someone who If you can over the fact that Newberg touts religion and pitches the lectures to a religious audience it really is not a bad series of lectures I have a feeling that Newberg himself is quite religious himself and shares the religious assumptions of his target audience That said the lectures were interesting and a lot of brain science is presented He explores parts of the brains that seem to be involved in ritual, belief, and transcendent experience He is constantly t A lot of basic information, well presented generally, but with here and there a bit of rambling He would sometimes talk about an interesting theory without being able to back it up with solid research, mostly when reliable research would be almost impossib

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