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Writing Effective Use Cases Use Cases Provide A Beneficial Means Of Project Planning Because They Clearly Show How People Will Ultimately Use The System Being Designed This Guide Provides Software Developers With A Nuts And Bolts Tutorial For Writing Use Cases It Covers Introductory, Intermediate, And Advanced Concepts, And Is Suitable For All Knowledge Levels.

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    Really excellent treatment of Use Cases probably the best coverage I ve ever read Practical pragmatic rather than theoretical, and all the better for it.A couple of minor niggles his use of icons to denote the scope of UCs is natural during discussion with stakeholders, but would be painful to work with in documents and are a bit twee, as well And he is, I think,

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    A full guide that basically explains what I found to be a rather verbose set of templates Succinctly, you can boil down the books advice to Write clearly Readability is the most important thing The Most Important Thing.Work backwards from the goals of the user of the system.Iteratively enumerate the steps of what can occur, drilling down a level of abstraction each time and

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    Pretty good book that provides some interesting thoughts around organizing and structuring use cases One of the best tidbits I got from this book is to avoid the dreaded UML use case Doing use cases in UML never felt right to me After reading this book Alister confirmed by bias that UML use cases end up making the process of capturing key activitiesdifficult and provide less clarity

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    Very usefully though definitely not entertainment.

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    This is probably the bible for anything use case related It shows how we can be flexible in the requirements space and still achieve project success

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    It s unfortunate that the authors became too enad with their own cleverness that they forgot to actually involve with consumers of their book For example, they offer a section on graphical icons to highlight goal levels To quote from the book Very summary very white use cases get a cloud, cloud icon Use this on that rarest of occasions when you see that the steps in the use case are themselves white goals and Som

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    The book describes the methodology of putting the software requirements in written through the use cases Very systematic and logical approach, clear and easy to understand guidelines for writing, quite good examples.Sometimes, the methodology as a whole feels too dogmatic and sets quite strict limits I did not find suggestions for schematic icons too useful either Besides, the methodology feels a little bit outdated in 201

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    Review Why did I chose this book , plot holes, irritations, good things, keynotes, verdict I must make an use case for a new project So, it was quite easy to decide what to read Book is dedicated to writing effective use cases Simple and effective tips are placed in one book You could follow book ste...

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    I ve adapted Cockburn s principles and actual templates effectively to every form of agile or waterfall estimation planning process I ve worked with I ll always believe success of such things is 70% how you apply them to team org context, but Cockburn is usually my starting point for documenting human centric requirements, with little competition These templates can work so well and robustly with test driven development, a variety of flow bas

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    This book is ancient in Software Development terms, but I guess it s still one of the very few good reference books on use cases It clearly describes how use cases can and should be used, and what the possibilities and limitations are It would be inter...

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