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Whirlybirds and Ordinary Times: Reflections on Faith and the Changing of Seasons I enjoyed the author s stories about her own faith struggles, especially as she struggled with a very conservative upbringing However, I did not see the connection between the particular stories and the seasons of the church year in which she placed those stories. This book was previously published as Whirlybirds and Ordinary Times Fall, 2012 Katie has written essays on a variety of topics including ones that trouble Christians She explores healing, communion, consumerism, and lots She is very honest in her thoughts, especially for a pastor s wife This is Excellent book I wrote about it and quite a few other things in depth here are a few excerpts from that excessively long post that are book relevant Since I am a woman, I can t comment on an audience for this book I mean, she does talk about things like the relative size of her breasts, and breast feeding, and breast pumping, and squashing her sore, milk filled breasts with the strap of a heavy bag Don t worry, if you think you re sensing a theme If I remember correctly, all of the breasty references are constrained to one chapter two, max Katie writes about other stuff too Like a difficult summer she experienced as a teenager when a friend died at church camp And a harrowing, riddled with misadventure trip through Europe one Christmas holiday And the hilarious shortcomings she views in herself such as the fact that, for a long time in her life, she never cleaned underneath her oven knobs And an awkward evangelism experience she had to participate in one time, in which she was to play a drunken demon, even though she had never actually been drunk and wasn t sure what it looked like.The best thing I found about Katie s book is that, despite t In a book that shares the thoughts and viewpoints of one pastor s wife to the general masses, join the author as she explores the mystery of faith and what it means to each of us She delves into the liturgical calendar with grace, writing about Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter She relates how being a Christian is about faith in the unseen and actions towards the world at large than it is about being nice And how sometimes being a Christian isn t about how you present your flawlessness and walk to those in your life, but how much you need Him to guide your steps I found this book to be of a personal memoir than anything else Maybe that s what the author intended, maybe not But it struck me that no matter how we try to write, a part of ourselves always comes out in the writing Our true selves, our true thoughts and our true beliefs will shine through clearly whether it s fiction or an attempt to tell the world about our life I found Katie this is my first review where I ve referred to the Reading a book about God Me Yer goddamn right A very funny dance through matters of faith in a crowded world. This wonderful book is written by the wife of one of my pastors It includes some stories of our church which makes it extra special to me I loved the humor, the honesty, and the insight Well done, Katie I can t wait for your next book Having soaked myself in memoir, decent, but I find her a bit tedious. Written With Honesty And Humor, This Delightful Collection Of Essays Will Stimulate Your Thinking, Stir Your Heart, And Nurture Your Soul.In Grace In The Maybe Author Katie Savage Beckons You To Join Her As She Embraces The Mystery Of Faith And Gently Eases Into The Sometimes Turbulent Waters Of Contemplative Exploration She Writes With Honesty And Humor About The Uncertainty And Doubt That Is Inherent In The Life Of The Growing Believer, Finding That Even In The Midst Of Questions, Bold Assurances Of Faith Emerge You Ll Find Yourself Falling Into Step With Katie As She Meanders Through The Liturgical Calendar Of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, And Pentecost, As This Insightful Book Weaves Ordinary Stories And Surprising Insights Into Satisfying Reflections Of The Spiritual Life, Relationships, And Life As We Know It This Delightful Collection Of Essays Will Stimulate Your Thinking, Stir Your Heart, And Nurture Your Soul. Grace in the Maybe gives fresh eyes to the seasons of faith I m grateful to have read it I like this book because I agreed with her on a lot of things and she seems like a fun person, but I wish there was of a story line and consistent narrative Still a good read.

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