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Haunted Presidents Aaron Burr was the one who introduced Dolley James Madison Nice Fun read, with the bonus of being a to visit list for presidential sites. This is than the traditional ghost stories Lincoln s dream about his death for instance but it is also less It takes each president from George Washington through Ronald Reagan as individual chapters A brief synopsis of their lives before and after their time in office is included along with their actual terms of office Each president has been seen after their deaths haunting either the White House or some other location of importanc Have The Men Who Held The High Pressure Job Of Running The Nation Become Restless Spirits, Reluctant Or Unable To Leave The World Of The Living This Book Follows The Nation S Presidents Chronologically, From George Washington To Ronald Reagan, With Stories About Their Ghostly Manifestations, Their Experiences With Unexplained Phenomena, And Odd Encounters Involving Members Of Their Families Readers Will Learn About Washington S Phantom Appearance At The Battle Of Gettysburg, Dolley Madison S Spirit In The White House Rose Garden, Andrew Jackson S Encounter With The Bell Witch, Abraham Lincoln S Prophetic Dreams, The Mischievous Ghost Of Franklin D Roosevelt S Dog Fala, Richard Nixon S Spiritual Conferences With Dead Presidents, And The Odd Demon Cat That Materializes Prior To National Disasters. I thought I d just glance through the book and read it later before I knew it I d read the WHOLE book lol The author really did their homework From the first President, George Washington all the way to Ronald Reagan The book is just full of little tidbits about every American President Also included are known sightings of First Ladies and children.I think the tidbit that astonished me most was finding out about Abraham Lincoln s son who was with two Presidents when they were shot and had opted NOT to go to the theater with his parents on the night his father was slain staying instead at the White House to catch up on some sleep and relaxation The thing that really got me though was that he thought he was a jinx to Presidents finally passing away in 1925 only to have President JFK buried within 70 yards of his grave.One actually learns quite a bit about Presidential lives as I read this on the plane to and from Mexico This book is right up my alley Presidents, first ladies, history and ghosts What else is needed It covers all the dead presidents and where they may be still active. This is really like a 2.5 star read, but I ll give it the extra.5 because it was free It s hard to complain about it alot when it s free There was a lot of stuff in here that wasn t new to me, but there were a few things I hadn t read before I took my time The stuff about the ghosts was dumb but the information about their lives and tragedies was fascinating It has interesting information about every president through Reagan. Not a fan of history but enjoyed this book. I thought this was a very interesting book with lots of tidbits of information about our presidents and sometimes their families I had decided last year to start reading biographies about the presidents starting with Washington and this book makes me want to start sooner This book presents portraits of the lives of the first forty presidents in US history and the possibility of hauntings or paranormal events associated with them and their families While the author has written other books on the paranormal, he has also taught and written books on cultural and regional geography Here he has ventured into the world of history as well, and while I have not double checked all the historical background which is sketchy in spots, it appears to be fairly well researched.In his introduction, Stansfield informs the reader that ghosts are bipartisan and universal Because the presidents are in a unique position to influence history, it makes sense that they might become restless spirits unable to leave our world According to public opinion polls ten to forty percent of Americans believe they personally have had contact with a deceased person Obviously some presidents have had influence than others and it is the same with ghosts or the likelihood of ghost stories being associated with them.Stansfield believes the relative degree of interest in a presidential gh

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