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Improbable... Never Impossible What You Are About To Read Is Certainly Nothing Like Anything You Might Have Read Before Just So You Know, I Do Not Write For Children My Stories Are Meant To Be Enjoyed By Adults And Occasionally They Tend To Be Of An Adult Nature For This Anthology I Have Selected A Baker S Dozen Plus One That I Feel Represent A Range That Will Give You Laughter And Perhaps Have You Shed A Few Tears In The Process.The First Story Is The Name Sake Of This Book It Is A Small Piece But Long A Favorite Let S Just Say It Goes To My Belief That Nothing Is Impossible Especially When It Comes To The Characters Within My Stories I Do Not Write Them I Live With Them In This I Simply Observe And Record What I See The Creatures You Will Read About In These Pages Became My Dear Friends With Whom I Have Become Very Attached.The Second Story Is About The Father Of Anthropomorphism Aesop Long Before Walt Disney Another Of My Favorite Anthropomorphism Forefathers Invented A Mouse Who Could Talk, Aesop Delighted His Listeners With Many Fables Of Talking Animals Such As The Tortoise And The Hare.Though I Do Not Profess To Walk In Aesop S Sandals, I Still Consider Him One Of My Forebears No Pun Intended I Am A Fox After All And Not A Bear.The Rest Of The Stories I Will Leave You To Discover For Yourself Perhaps Too, You Will Come To The Realization That The Imagination You Had As A Child Did Not Disappear As You Grew Older But Stayed With You Just Waiting For A Moment Such As This To Make Its Re Emergence.

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    I loved this collection of short stories much than I thought I would All of the stories are wonderful, imaginative, and have a fairie tale like quality to them that makes them truly inspiring to read and lends back to early childhood memories of my parents t

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    An entertaining collection of stories featuring talking animal characters of varying kinds Whether it s a mystical murder case featuring a courtroom full of transforming foxes, a take on the classic pied piper with a bar full of rats, or stories featuring soldiers, tan

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