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Will Animals Be In Heaven Does Your Pet Know Things You Don T Are Animals Aware Of Their Creator Is It Right To Kill And Eat Animals How Does God Use Animals Here Are Answers To These Questions And Susan Bulanda Draws On Her Years Of Professional Experience, Scientific Reading, And Theological Study To Present A Biblical View Of Animals How They Behave, How God Accomplishes His Purposes Through Them, How He Provides For Them, And How They Fit Into The Rest Of Creation.Whether You Are A Bible Believing Christian Who Loves Animals, Or An Animal Lover Who Is Curious To Know How The Christian Scriptures Address Animal Issues This Book Will Inform And Delight. Gods Creatures

About the Author: Susan Bulanda

Certified Animal Behavior Consultant, IAABC , Adjunct Professor, Search and Rescue Dog Trainer, Search Manager, Author, Lecturer, Keynote Speaker

15 thoughts on “Gods Creatures

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    This is an incredible book I have read it twice, and each time I discovered new nuggets that made me smile and or think, I didn t realize that As a Christian and one that enjoys God s creation, I was greatly intrigued to read what the author had to say, and I found her themes, and the Scripture backing used, re...

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    I downloaded this book months ago when it was a Kindle daily deal, and now that I m dealing with the sudden loss of my cat, I was interested enough to read it This is a pleasant, well researched summary of everything the Bible says and implies about ani...

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    I really liked this book The author has done a lot of research on what the Bible says about animals More than just pointing out passages, she uses scripture to interpret scripture so that we understand how God intended for us to t...

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    Well studied book with foundational, supporting Scripture Loved this book.

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