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1933 Terwijl Het Derde Rijk Aan Een Sluipende Opmars Begint, Proberen Vijf Met Elkaar Vervlochten Families Zich Staande Te Houden In De Schaduw Van Gebeurtenissen Die De Wereld Voorgoed Zullen Tekenen.De Jonge Carla Von Ulrich Probeert Zich Te Verzetten Tegen Het Opkomende Nazisme, Maar Ondervindt Dat Ze Veel Zal Moeten Opofferen Om Haar Doel Te Bereiken De Amerikaanse Broers Woody En Chuck Dewar Vechten Ieder Op Hun Eigen Manier Voor Een Betere Wereld De Een Vanuit Het Politieke Wespennest Van Washington, De Ander Vanuit Een Bloedovergoten Oerwoud In De Stille Oceaan De Engelse Lloyd Williams Merkt Tijdens De Spaanse Burgeroorlog Dat Hij Niet Alleen Tegen Het Fascisme, Maar Ook Tegen Het Communisme Zal Moeten Vechten Daisy Pesjkov Probeert Koste Wat Kost Een Beter Plekje Op De Amerikaanse Sociale Ladder Te Vinden En Haar Russische Neef Volodja Verovert Een Positie Bij De Geheime Dienst Die Een Aanzet Zal Geven Voor Een Heel Andere Oorlog Nacht Van Het Kwaad Is Het Indrukwekkende Vervolg Op Val Der Titanen, Waarin De Dappere Jonge Mensen Van Een Nieuwe Generatie Hun Eigen Weg Zoeken In Een Door Oorlog Geteisterde Wereld. Winter of the World

About the Author: Ken Follett

Ken Follett is one of the world s most successful authors Over 165 million copies of the 31 books he has written have been sold in over 80 countries and in 33 languages Born on June 5th, 1949 in Cardiff, Wales, the son of a tax inspector, Ken was educated at state schools and went on to graduate from University College, London, with an Honours degree in Philosophy later to be made a Fellow of

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    75 , Your Nazi friends don t know history, Father Said The Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids when Germans were living in caves Arabs ruled the world in the Middle Ages the Muslims were doing algebra when German princes could not write their own names It s nothing to do with race Se7en Reasons Why to Read Ken Follett s The Century Trilogy1 For Living the History Experience 1933 1949 2 With an Excellent Drama 3 Of Varaity of Characters 4 Of Diffe

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    I read the first of this trilogy Fall of Giants It was excellent Winter of the World continues in the same superlative fashion The narrative is quick and absorbing Through the eyes of interesting characters, you get a front row seat in the most memorable historical events that were really not that long ago The first book took me inside the world my grandparents experienced This one tr...

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    My rating would have been 2 and one half stars if Goodreads had given me the option Plus I think the divergence of this review from the average of the reviews for the book is as much due to the cognitive dissonance of not really enjoying a book that you ve slogged thru 960 pages to complete, than a passionate embrace of Winter As much as I liked the first volume of Follett s 20th Century Trilogy Fall of Giants I was disappointed by this second installment The bac

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    Ken Follett is a mediocre writer, but a stellar storyteller His characters are cardboard, his dialogue wooden and on the nose, his prose pedestrian and perfunctory As for his punctuation of dialogue ugh I said Please take away Follett s colon key, stat No, Ken, a colon is not interchangeable with a comma But still the pages demand to be turned.WINTER OF THE WORLD picks up right after FALL OF THE GIANTS, with the sons and daughters of the latter novel s characters fa

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    The second in Follett s Century Trilogy follows the main characters from Fall of Giants and their children as they navigate the major events of the 1930s and 1940s Readers will see the rise of Nazi Germany, the epic battles of World War II, and the birth of the atomic era through the eyes of men and women from several countries.Winter of the World is a grand accomplishment, and one of the most thoroughly enjoyable books I ve read this year I m looking forward to the ne

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    Just finished my second read through I m so happy to dive back into this trilogy full of amazing characters This book makes me the most uncomfortable it deals with the most lose and offers little relief to the reader For every triumph you see another character pushed to the breaking point.

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    A journey through the horrors of World War 2 through the eyes of different people from England, the USA, Russia, and of course, Germany This starts with the NSDAP taking over German politics in 1933 and ends in 1949 with the separation of Germany into West and East Reading these 1000 pages was an emotional roller coaster After loving the Fall of Giants centered around WWl I had very high expectations The historical content definitely didn t disappoint Various POVs introduced

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    Congratulations, Ken Follett You ve taken the most destructive conflict this world has ever seen and turned it into a wan and tawdry soap opera Worse yet, you have cribbed unmercifully from Herman Wouk s Winds of War I m assuming Kenny is hoping that readers will be unaware that a 40 plus year old book already covered the same globe trotting style and settings that is the backbone for both novels If that was his aim, I can only envy the readers who haven t sampled Wouk s superi

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    Well, I just finished this thing and I did like it, but not as much as the first installment.The best part of this novel is the history, Follett is able to distill it into bite size little nuggets and integrate the info into readable dialogue I learned a ton about China and her role in the remaking of the UN, new information on why Japan was so aggressive during the run up to Pearl Harbor, atomic bomb development in the US, and many other historical antecedents of the Cold War.Fol

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    3 Since I am on hiatus from writing reviews for the month, being a beach bum , I just wanted to note that this was another typical for the author work of Historical Fiction However, maybe it is me, maybe it is the fact that I grew up in the Eastern Block and have some knowledge of the history there, the author s prejudices are even obvious and no matter how unwillingly they might creep up, they hamstring him and put his writing in a box much too small for the scope he intends I actu

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