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Hedge Witch (The Cloven Land Trilogy #1) PDF Hedge Witch The Cloven Land Trilogy 1 Author Simon Kewin Ivogue.co.uk Two Worlds, One NightmareCait Weerd Has No Idea She S Being Sought By The Undain Sorcerous Creatures That Feed Off The Spirit Of The Living She Doesn T Know They Need Her Blood To Survive She Doesn T Even Know She S A Witch, Descended From A Long Line Of Witches Cait Weerd Doesn T Know A Lot, Really, But All That S About To Change.At Manchester Central Library She S Caught Up In Sudden Violence In The Chaos She S Given An Old Book That S Been Hidden There Given It And Told To Run Hide The Book Or Destroy It The Book Contains All The Secrets Of The Undains Existence They And Their Human Servants Want To Find It As Much As They Want To Find Her.Cait Learns The Fates Of Two Worlds Are At Stake Just What She Needs Along With Definitely Not A Boyfriend Danny, She Has To Decide What The Hell To Do Run, Fight Or Hope It All Goes Away.It S Only Then She Learns Who She Really Is, Along With The Terrible Truth Of What The Undain Have Been Doing In Our World All This Time

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    I am always looking for a good witch story I m not really sure why, just something about the fantasy and the magic and the world building gets me really excited and Hedge Witch did not disappoint I was captivated from the first page, and thoroughly enjoyed going

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    My Thoughts The cover alone is pretty darn amazing I love the abstract piercings and the blue hair eyebrows I think the cover really does the story justice and hooks you in with the beautiful artwork on it I also love that the main character thrives with individuality I r

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    Designed with younger readers in mind, I enjoyed this very well written tale It has unexpected twists and turns to the plot and another unlikely heroine, finds immense courage in a world gone crazy.

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    I enjoyed the reading very much and I am looking forward to next book.There s magic aplenty here but also some old fashioned strategizing But. Here is the lesson..Magic should never be used lightly using magic hat it s price It is a wonderful and terrible gift and you should use it wisely if

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    Quite goodI thought it was a good book and interesting enough to read the rest of the series I m looking forward to finding out what mischief the characters get into next.

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    Cait Weerd goes from being a normal teenager to a witch in the matter of a few days A great task has been given to her Destroy a book that can create monsters with unimaginable power Along with Danny, her boyfriend but not she sets out to rid the world of evil, along with finding out who she really is.Hedge Wit

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    With all the stories of witches and fantasy out there, simon kewin has found a interesting twist to add to the genre He created a world in which our world and an alternate world collide in epic proportions A great twist to this type of fantasy he has created Cait is a normal teenager or so she thought Her friend danny sh

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    Reading HEDGE WITCH was a bit like a roller coaster except it waslike the ones made for little kids than something from Six Flags In several parts I was caught up completely by the story, and in others I wasn t quite sure if there was anything important going on at all However, since I ve finished the entire book, looking back on

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    While I generally have a predisposition to come out as against anything that seems to encourage the destruction of books, I m going to give Kewin a pass on certain crucial plot points and cede that sometimes, some books just need burning if you can manage it There s something particularly wonderful about a book that can catch a reader and i

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    I really rated it with 3 and a half stars I received a review copy for an honest review Hedge Witch was definitely an enjoyable and exciting read I was already intrigued by the synopsis that I just had to read it Filled with action, mystery, suspense, and magic, I was fascinated with this unique story Although it was a bit slow in the beginning for m

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