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Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure A rather repetitive and primitive story of a young naive girl who arrives in London without any money or family to take care of her and who have to endure a lot of hardship before finally finding her true love The hardship, however, is mostly in the form of a lot of sex which she finds a lot of pleasure in this is truly a book where the means are important than the end and the means are described in detail, unfortunately these details are or less the same, repeated over and over, only the metaphors used in describing them varies, basically This also means that the plot is virtually non existing, the end is unbelievable and there s just enough to serve as the string to tie the sexual encounters together with rather like modern day porn.Further, most of the women in this book are rather weak creatures, waiting to be swept of their feet by a ny man who happens to come along and who by persuasion and mild use of force always gets what he wants and in thus surrendering, the women invariably discover their own pleasure in these borderline rapes It is very obvious that this was written by a man and that even though our heroine, Fanny, are rather competent and at least one other woman can manage her own business, it is clear that the author s opinion of women is not the highest which I think was rather typical of the time But porn really hasn t changed much over the last cou If I could go back in time and track Cleland down for a nice chat, I d smack him in the face with a clipboard and watch him like a hawk till he d read through the list clipped there in its entirety Better yet, I d take a woman and a man back with me, both of them less concerned with feminism issues to an unholy extent than I, and let the conversings about the genders commence Maybe then, perhaps, I d figure this author out.The list An abridged version of the following.If you ve seen my review of Delta of Venus, you know I take erotica seriously That whole spiel about increasing respect and social justice and all that jazz Still relevant, sadly so when considering this piece appeared in 1749 That s 265 years ago, 18th century stuff alongside the likes of Voltaire and Swift and we re still mucking around in slut shaming Seriously This is a classic written by a dead white male two and a half centuries ago, and it s chock full of feminism Second wave feminism at that Where are the feminist scholars and, importantly, where are the rest of those classics elitist whatever your name for those in the literature know who are reading this without taking a single smidgen away from it besides the fact that it s bad erotica Yes, bad erotica While it may Fanny Hill Kijkt Terug Op Haar Vroegere Leven En Beruchte Avonturen Wanneer Ze Alleen Aankomt In Londen, Arm En Onschuldig, Valt Ze In De Handen Van Een Bordeelhoudster Toch Begint Ze Zich Maar Te Prostitueren Als Ze Gescheiden Wordt Van De Man Die Ze Liefheeft Op Haar Achttiende Kan Ze Reeds Met Pensioen En In Haar Huwelijk Kan Ze Eindelijk Seksuele Passie Combineren Met Romantische Liefde. They should make me Education Secretary I d make Fanny Hill required reading in freshman English classes across the country, thus instantly solving our country s illiteracy problem and instilling an abiding love of literature in our nation s young citizens.I miss my copy of this book I d never heard of it before when I found it in a box on the sidewalk in Park Slope a few years ago, and had no idea what a lovely filthy treasure I had just unearthed I hope Lindsey enjoyed m Having become an orphan at 16, Fanny is taken to London by a benefactress who abandons her as soon as she arrives The girl was immediately spotted and picked up by a madam, who immediately began to put a price on virginity A delightful friend and a few sessions of voyeurism will suffice to instruct her.Fanny falls in love with her first lover, also reciprocal love But the father of the latter takes her away from the country Fanny then has no other resources than to prostitute again.The author seems rather fascinated by virginity, and as Fanny can only lose her once, the caliber of the gentlemen will grow, to give the illusion every time Likewise, the other women whom the young girl meets will not fail to tell her their story of their first time The narrative is sometimes moralistic condemnation of homosexuality In fact, on a great number of people of this kind, or at least universally suspected of this vice, which she had known, scarcely could she name a single one whose character was, in all respects, absolutely vile and despicable and even by faults in general Temperance elevates men above passions, intemperance enslaves them, one produces health, vigor, fertility, gaiety, all the goods of life, the other carries only diseases, debility, infertility disgust of himself, all the evils that can afflict the human nature. , By 18th century standards it was literary smut Even by today s standards it is bawdy Fellow GR reviewer Jessica called it lovely filthy filth It has survived the centuries though and still finds itself in print and apparently still being read by hundreds of Goodreads members. A strikingly repetitive book certainly not a novel, with a curious jolly hockey sticks air to it.Structured as the memoirs of an innocent young girl, written in letters to a lady, from the countryside who is tricked into a life of prostitution of the decorous type in respectable brothels not the wandering about Covent Garden type It has a good deal of admiring descriptions of penises follows and the noun vermilion is frequently used to describe the vulvas seen during the course of her work This is not a work in the realist tradition, clients apparently pay up, prostitutes don t get beaten up, pregnancy and disease aren t worries Nor is there any character development unless that is a euphemism for the loss of virginity, or anything much you could call a plot It is the work of a man imagining himself as a prostitute a situation which he finds thoroughly enjoyable in a jolly kind of way, with the particular bonus of being able to see lots of big penises The meat of the book a very loose collection of disconnected episodes is extra textual, and that is imagining Cleland s sexuality.At the beginning of the first part of the book Ms Hill is broken into the work of being a prostitute, at the beginning of the second part her self and some other young women I believe that child There is a saying Curiosity killed the cat I learned about this 18th century porn while reading David Lodge s Modes of Modern Writing, and of course it aroused my interest regarding both the language and the approach of a subject I had thought until then too daring for a prude period It seems I was wrong and all that prudeness we know about is due to 19th century, mainly Victorian period So, for one of most banished books in history as Wikipedia informs us Fanny Hill is not even very revolutionary However, with all the fuss around it, the main question one might ask is about Fanny Hill literary traits In the same study, David Lodge says Pornography I define as a type of discourse designed to be used as a substitute for or stimulus to erotic pleasure Like other types of nonliterary discourse advertising, polemic etc pornography can become literary if it responds successfully to a literary reading What usually prevents it from doing so is that it is unrealistic rather than nonrealistic it pretends to a realism it cannot sustain Therefore, to answer the above question, it seems the a text has porn qualities, the less likely it is to have literary ones Let s see in our book very virile men with huge penises check very sensual women with perfect bodies check perfect orgasms every time check erotic fantasies presented in I m talking about an erotic novel here, so maybe don t read my review if you tend to get offended by open and frank discussion about sexual acts Just warning you in advance Okay, firstly, this is porn Just porn Not a great literary achievement, not something that will sit snug in your mind with the Austen and Bronte classics PORN It got quite a reputation for being the first pornography to appear in novel form, and it also got a reputation because it was banned for multiple centuries and resulted in a prison sentence for the author Being published in 1748, I can t say I m surprised In fact, the much surprising thing is that books like Lady Chatterley s Lover 1928 and Delta of Venus 1977 caused such a controversy when Cleland s work had already beaten them to it two hundred years beforehand.This is far scandalous than Lady Chatterley s Lover and about on a par with Delta of Venus The story is a rather disturbing even by today s standards tale about a fifteen year old girl who engages in sex wi All sex acts are unique, beautiful, uniquely beautiful in the immensely pleasurable Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure Through the ages, sex has brought wondrous delight to human beings here is testament of that fortitude over mere convention and the evil forces of repression.This, like the ever powerful Naked Lunch centuries later, had to be defended bashed fervently by those thinking the book had any power over weak minds or even anything, um, ethical Still, le petit mort or being embalm d by an injection being exemplified by the most exquisite and tender prose imaginable, is surely a cause for celebration, yeah It is appetizing in anecdotal terms, as well as in its lushly long sentences Fanny Hill has no other option but to become a prostitute, and thus takes an immense amount of pride in such an old, tried but true occupation she flourishes learns She is eager, adventurous Sure, all things nasty men want their women to be You will be amazed to find lesbianism, group sex, voyeurism, an array of anatomies and variety of men participants, gay sex, threesomes, etc, etc etc It soon becomes clear that the mercenary aspect of the whole enterprise is what ultimately attracts and inspires Fan

About the Author: John Cleland

John Cleland 1709 1789 was an English novelist, most famous and infamous as the author of the erotic novel Fanny Hill or, the Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure.He was born in Kingston upon Thames in Surrey but grew up in London, where his father was first an officer in the British Army and then a civil servant he was also a friend to Alexander Pope, and Lucy Cleland was a friend or acquaintance

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