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The Russian Revolutions The Russian Revolutions Author Max Weber Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Will Challenges To Russia S Ruling Regime Lead To A Constitutional Government Can Russia Develop And Sustain The Institutions Of A Market Economy And A Liberal State Which Groups And Leaders Will Emerge As The Agents Of Liberalization These Questions Which Resonate Today In The Aftermath Of The Demise Of The Soviet Union Were Posed By Max Weber In 1905, When He Decided To Document The Revolutionary Upheaval In Tsarist Russia Available Here For The First Time In English Translation Are Weber S Chronicles Of The 1905 Revolution, Accompanied By Two Brief Essays On The 1917 Political Crisis That Prefigured The Bolshevik Revolution.

About the Author: Max Weber

Maximilian Carl Emil Weber was a German lawyer, politician, historian, sociologist and political economist, who profoundly influenced social theory and the remit of sociology itself His major works dealt with the rationalization, bureaucratization and disenchantment associated with the rise of capitalism Weber was, along with his associate Georg Simmel, a central figure in the establishment of methodological antipositivism presenting sociology as a non empirical field which must study social action through resolutely subjective means.

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