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Blessings in Disguise I love Alec Guinness but I admittedly didn t get a lot out of his book Had I been familiar with the theater scene in England during his youth, I am sure I would have enjoyed it but I ended up skimming most of it He didn t talk much about his big movies that I wanted to hear about an Odd but charming memoir Picked this up on a whim, don t remember where or when Did not like it at first, so it sat around gathering dust for a while But I knew it had to be interesting, because how could it not be Eventually started reading it again and it held my interest In the end, I enjoyed it, but s This first volume in the trio of memoirs by Alec Guinness ranks high on my list as one of the best memoirs I ve read The writing equates to the acting of Guinnessrefined, detailed, absorbing In fact, it wasn t until I first read this book that I became a fan of his film acting usually it s the other way around I even flew in to watch his last stage performance, which says something about his way with words Enter EGO from the wings, pursued by fiends Exit EGO.His very first chapter wastes little time explaining his confusion as to his true paternal parentage, his mother s violent marriage, and the characters he meets as a little boy She was an impoverished Miss Havishamthere was no cobwebbed wedding cake but under her bed she did have a partially eaten rice puddingHe has a sense of humour throughout and he describes the heck out of everything Very enjoyable Along with David Niven s books, this is one of the few autobiographies I would ever consider re reading.Book Seaso FINAL OK, well, what I wrote before still holds This was a pleasant, witty, observant autobiography, though perhaps it s about what s going on around Guinness than inside his head Some people might find it shallow the man was an awfully conventional and level headed stiff upper lip sort of chap But the era he documents fascinates me, and the portraits he draws in literary terms of the primadonna theatrical eccentrics around him are delicious He doesn t stick to a rigid linear chronological narrative, but rather goes from thought to thought, batting things around in different eras but he always pursues each thought to its conclusion I rather like this way of writing it assumes the reader already knows something which in this case, I do but also doesn t torture us in having to wait for the chronological event to be finished up later in the book I enjoyed the section also about his service as a naval ship commander in the Mediterranean in WWII Some of it sounds like the comedy of errors material that could easily have served as grist for any of the many Ealing Studios comedy classics in which he starred in the late 40s and early 50s There also are interesting anecdotes about the making of the 1967 film, The Comedians, adapted by Graham Greene himself from his novel, which in and of itself is of great interest to me because The Comedians is a favorite novel of mine and the movie is a fascinating Charming, self effacing autobiography A delightful read Chock full of amusing anecdotes about famous and not so famous and often eccentric people he knew Covers his early years, his stint in the Navy, as well as his acting career I very much enjoyed this book, and his voice, but I was a little disappointed, because I was hoping he would share his convers Alec Guinness was as gifted a writer as he was an actor, and that s saying something Shining through this memoir are his great wit, his humility rare in a star of his magnitude , and his gift for seeing the good in almost everyone a fortunate gift for him, because some of the people he knew were absolute horrors There was the poet who refused to speak to him for two years after he said he liked Beethoven the actress who declared she couldn t act with him and got him fired from his first leading role the actor who decked him as he walked through a door, just because he the decker was in a bad mood Sir Alec treats most of these as little than amusing quirks I d probably be on the psychiatrist s couch, sobbing and tearing my hair out But his friendships were deeply important to him made clear in the lovely last line Of one thing I can boast I am unaware of ever having lost a friend and he was able to see the big picture with these people, and balance the good and the bad His generous, affectionate, and forgiving spirit taught me some things that will be helpful in my own life and relationships.His description of actress Edith Evans is typical When I think of her now my mind see saws between gratitude for what she was, her enormous generosity in big things, and exasperation at her meanness in small ones, amusement at her egocentricity, reverence for her artistry, and astonishment at her occasional lapses into artisti Great gossipy fun and funny too Enjoyed learning about the 20th century Brit theater world Guiness was friends with Olivier, Gielgud, Richardson and others Not as much about his experience in the movies but, he has 2 other volumes of memoirs I will read and I hope to learn there. This book came with a lot of good reviews and it starts off well with Guinness talking about his youth but then he goes off onto another episode of his life completely out of sequence from the last The book appears to be a sequence of random thoughts and observations, some are interesting, others not He spends entire chapters on dull and uninteresting people yet glosses over encounters with Sophia Loren, Richard Burton and many other film luminaries One really ann I first saw Alec Guinness when I was ten years old in the original theatrical release of the Han shot first version of Star Wars in 1977 Even at that tender age, I recognized talent when I saw it I liked Obi wan A lot When I watch my DVD of that original version, many of the best moments are associated with him Your eyes can deceive you Don t trust them In my experience, there s no such thing as luck etc.I picked up this memoir at the library for 0.25.I had read John Gielgud s Acting Shakespeare several years ago and was expecting much of the same a portrait of people and a world long since vanished And I got that but what I wasn t expecting was how enjoyable it was to read Guinness writes spritely, deftly and elegantly Which doesn t prevent him from treating with serious matters like his experience in the World War II or conversion to Roman Catholicism This is not a chronological narrative of the author s life though the first chapter does start off with his birth in 1914 but a collection of reminiscences that move back and forth across the decades.Guinness has a great deal of fun recounting some of the eccentric characters in his life, like Tyrone and Judy Guthrie, whose breakfas BOOKS Blessings In Disguise Author Alec Guinness Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk Stas No Son Unas Memorias Que Lo Cuentan Todo Y, Menos A N, Un Mero Ejercicio De Egolatr A Lo Que S Puede Decirse, Sin Temor A Equivocarse, Es Que Son Las Memorias M S Ingeniosas, Entretenidas E Inteligentes Que Han Venido Del Mundo Del Teatro Y Del Cine.

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Sir Alec Guinness, CH, CBE was an English actor After an early career on the stage he was featured in several of the Ealing Comedies, including The Ladykillers and Kind Hearts and Coronets in which he played eight different characters He is also known for his six collaborations with David Lean Herbert Pocket in Great Expectations 1946 , Fagin in Oliver Twist 1948 , Col Nicholson in The Bridg

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