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O Evangelho segundo Jesus Cristo Celebra Evanghelie Dupa Isus Cristos, Cel Mai Polemic Roman Al Lui Jose Saramago, Reconstruieste O Viata Apocrifa A Lui Isus Si Alege Drept Teme De Studiu Vina Si Responsabilitatea Desi Fusese Instiintat Ca Se Pregatea Masacrul Pruncilor, Iosif Isi Salveaza Doar Propriul Copil, Devenind, Prin Omisiune, Complicele Crimei Lui Irod Inseparabil De Diavol, Umbra Si Acolitul Sau, Dumnezeu Nu Ezita Sa Si Condamne La Moarte Unicul Fiu Pentru A Si Satisface Nemarginita Sete De Putere Care, Dupa Sacrificiul Lui Isus, Va Cere Noi Si Noi Varsari De Singe.

About the Author: José Saramago

Jos Saramago Foundation is currently based in Casa dos Bicos, a Portuguese landmark building in Lisbon Saramago s house in Lanzarote is also open to the public.Jos Saramago, together with his wife Pilar, were the subject of the award winning documentary

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    Jose Saramago is atheist This should be enough warning for everyone that desires to read the book It is very explicit and so religion it s exposed at its weakest and God as a character is revealed I come from a Roman Catholic background but I still wanted to read it, ever since the Gnostic gospel where Jesus childhood is revealed and he changes from a mischief bad behave kid to the Jesus from the new testament I wanted to see Saramago s take on it

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    This is a bold fearless work and definitely not for the faint hearted readers I am not surprised that when this was originally published in 1991, it created lots of controversies with the Catholic Church condemning Jose Saramago for harboring anti religious vision and his own Portuguese government asking the European Literary Prize to remove this from its shortlist because of the book s offensive content to religion Despite this book s existence, Saramago

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    I WOULD HAVE LIKED TO SLIP SOME BENZEDRINE INTO THIS GUY S COFFEEThis is a very peculiar novel I m not quite sure what the hell it is Some of it reads like deleted scenes from Monty Python s Life of Brian Now be off with you, said God, for I have work to do and can t stay here chatting all dayOrMary Is there any proof that it was the Lord s seed which engendered my first born Angel Well, it s a delicate matter, and what you re demanding is nothing less

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    thought, when all is said and done, as others and we ourselves have observed before, is like a great ball of thread coiled around itself, loose in places, taut in others, inside our head It is impossible to know its full extent, one would have to unwind and then measure it, but however hard one tries or pretends to try, this cannot be done without assistance One day, someone will come and tell us where to cut the cord that ties man to his navel and thought to its origin.Jos Saramago

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    Or Adolescent Jesus as Imagined by a Brilliant Authorial Atheist.That s unfair and reductive, however Jose Saramago is an atheist, and the book does explore the parts of Jesus life that most people pretend didn t exist early adolescence to just before the time when he knew he had Messianic Son of God Superpowers , while at the same time gently but firmly questioning the nature of God, divinity, religious fervor manifesting itself as the oppression of others, bizarre religious ritual, and r

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    Imagino Saramago, um ateu confesso, lendo e relendo a B blia para reescrever a hist ria do homem mais conhecido que j pisou na face da Terra Penso tamb m no culh es que o autor teve para levar a publica o adiante Mexer com religi o coisa s ria Vide a il ada do escritor Salman Rushdie com seus Versos Sat nicos O Evangelho Segundo Jesus Cristo uma obra corajosa e, diferente de textos que s t m como m rito a polemiza o, tamb m genial A...

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