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The Dude and the Zen Master The New York Times Bestseller From Academy Award Winning Actor Jeff Bridges And Zen Leader And Author Of Bearing Witness, Bernie Glassman.Zen Master Bernie Glassman Compares Jeff Bridges S Iconic Role In The Big Lebowski To A Lamed Vavnik One Of The Men In Jewish Mysticism Who Are Simple And Unassuming, And So Good That, On Account Of Them, God Lets The World Go On His Buddy Jeff Puts It Another Way The Wonderful Thing About The Dude, He Says, Is That He D Always Rather Hug It Out Than Slug It Out.For Than A Decade, Academy Award Winning Actor Jeff Bridges And His Buddhist Teacher, Renowned Roshi Bernie Glassman, Have Been Close Friends Inspiring And Often Hilarious, The Dude And The Zen Master Captures Their Freewheeling Dialogue About Life, Laughter, And The Movies With A Charm And Bonhomie That Never Fail To Enlighten And Entertain Throughout, Their Remarkable Humanism Reminds Us Of The Importance Of Doing Good In A Difficult World.

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    You know when you walk into the kitchen at a party and there are two stoned guys having a conversation and they re kind of talking about the same thing but really they re just spewing utter nonsense that occasionally lines up This book is just like that.

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    The Dude and the Zen Master by Jeff Bridges and Bernie Glassman is an entertaining, charming, inspiring look into the minds of two practicing Buddhists through the lens of a Hollywood cult film.The Hollywood film in question is The Big Lebowski in which Bridges stars as The Dude Although the Coen Brothers didn t write the movie from a Zen perspective,

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    The Dude and the Zen Master is an example of spotting a book on a shelf and deciding to give it a shot I m a big fan of Jeff Bridges, and I ve loved The Big Lebowski since I first saw it years ago I m not much for meditation, though I probably need it since I m all over the place mentally, but I figured what the hell.I have a habit of bookmarking pages to look

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    Bob Marley once wrote, We re jamming I wanna jam with you, We re jamming, jamming And I hope you like jamming too After reading Oscar winning actor Jeff Bridges and Zen teacher Bernie Glassman s The Dude and the Zen Master, you ll know exactly what Marley meant In fact, you ll have jammed with the dude behind the Dude in The Big Lebowski and his Buddhist buddy, Bernie.Bu

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    Transcriptions of conversations between actor dude Jeff Bridges and zen master Bernie Glassman The topics center on living Zen Buddhism, the nature of suffering, nonattachment, enlightenment, etc and they tie their discussions to their real world experiences The attitude is very Dude a la the Big Le...

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    The Dude and the Zen Master is a conversation between two very talented and benevolent men Jeff Bridges is a well known Oscar winning actor, performer, songwriter and photographer and Bernie Glassman is the founder of the Zen Community of New York and a longtime Zen teacher This dialogue addresses their thoughts and opinions about work, play, love, compassion, trust, selfishness, fear, life

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    this book gets a strong recommendation it made a deep impact on me and gets a well deserved place among my alltime fav books especially jeff has made a deep impression on me, with his openness, his kindness, his way to see things, to live and love his life absolutely great somehow, i knew bernies sayings from his other books already instructions to the cook and the basic buddhist teachings too, so th

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    I thought this would be a cheap cashing in on Lebowski, forcing links between the character s lazy zen like behavior, but it is actually an extended conversation between the two authors where they reveal and share while discussing zen and its application to real life situations It was fun getting some insight into Jeff Bridges s personal life, and Bernie Glassman truly is a savant and treasure not enough can b

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    Brilliant The Dude abides is a phrase I use to remind myself to just be.Most people assume The Big Lebowski is just a stoner movie That s the thing about Zen and Mojo, you get it or you don t This book is a great discussion and along with Willie Nelson s latest book, Roll m...

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    The Dude and the Zen Master is one of the laziest contrivances of a book I have seen yet Here s the deal let s take a moderately beloved cult classic The Big Lebowski then pair it up with a cigar smoking Zen master, who functions here as a self help guru beacon of wisdom Bernie Glassman and then they talk They go on and on and on in the longest Yes, and dialogue I ve read in recent memory The book is in the form of dialogue, but

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