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American Lady Ebook American Lady By Caroline De Margerie Thomashillier.co.uk The Fascinating Story Of One Of The Grand Dames Of Georgetown Society And A True Washington Insider Henry Kissinger Once Remarked That Agreements Were Concluded In The Living Room Of Susan Mary Alsop Than In The White House A Descendent Of Founding Father John Jay, Susan Mary Was An American Aristocrat Whose First Marriage Gave Her Full Access To Post War Diplomatic Social Life In Paris There, Her Circle Of Friends Included Winston Churchill, Isaiah Berlin, Evelyn Waugh, And Christian Dior, Among Other Luminaries, And She Had A Passionate Love Affair With British Ambassador Duff Cooper During The Golden Years Of John F Kennedy S Presidency After She Had Married The Powerful Journalist Joe Alsop Her Washington Home Was A Gathering Place For Everyone Of Importance, Including Katharine Graham, Robert McNamara, And Henry Kissinger Dubbed The Second Lady Of Camelot, She Hosted Dinner Parties That Were The Epitome Of Political Power And Social Arrival, Bringing Together The Movers And Shakers Not Just Of The United States, But Of The World Featuring An Introduction By Susan Mary Alsop S Goddaughter Frances FitzGerald, American Lady Is A Fascinating Chronicle Of A Woman Who Witnessed, As Nancy Mitford Once Said, History On The Boil.

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    This was a rather quick read, but then it s less than 200 pages not counting bibliography and index Susan Mary Alsop was a descendant of Founding Father John Jay She was born to wealth and privilege, but her relationship with her parents was distant She described herself as, I have been a distant, proper,

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    Another remandered gem from Family Dollar But, like others I wish the book had told usI suffer great envy from reading this book I always felt I should be part of Washington society a powerbrokering hostess Some of my fairly distant relatives were Georgetown elites from the early part of the 20th century up to the 1

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    Interesting to read about such a smart and elegant woman of such a different time I would have liked to understand her motivationsdeeply, though I am still wondering about her relationship with Duff Cooper It seemed so odd.

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    Ever since I met her briefly in the early 1970s, I have been fascinated by the life of Susan Mary Alsop Who wouldn t be interested in a woman whose living room, according to Henry Kissinger, hadagreements reached in it than were reached in the White House A descendent of both John Jay and Jacob Astor, Alsop was born in Rome and lived f

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    Susan Mary Jay Patten Alsop was a fascinating woman of the 20th Century intelligent, charming, rich, and able to converse with those in power in the U.S and Europe She is prototypical of a certain kind of woman, born before the notion of being liberated, but living a glamorous life privy to the secrets of many important men I was intrigued by th

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    This was a most interesting biography of a woman I knew nothing about She was the embodiment of American high society, with wealth and education and family background World history from the 40s through the early 90s A remarkable woman who made the best of her life, authored four...

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    Very entertaining.

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    French writer Caroline de Margerie has written a flat biography of a flat woman, Susan Mary Alsop Maybe it s the translation from French to English or the unexamined look at Alsop s life but this biography reads a bit like a biography written by a high school student The facts and dates are there, but there s very little analyzation of those facts.A few years ago, Alsop s so

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    I love vintage society biographies and this one is certainly satisfying The story of Susan Mary Alsop is one of the now mostly by gone American WASP establishment Born into a prominent family her father was a Jay , Susan Mary was born in Rome in 1918, where her father had as diplomatic posting, and lived in various other international capitals until in 1926 when her older sister died

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    Alsop had a rather sad childhood, traumatised by the loss of her beloved sister and father She also endured a judgmental mother But the wealthy and privileged debutante, descended from one of America s first families, fell in love at a young age with Bill Patten, and life changed when she married Patten and lived in Paris after the Second World War Here she went a Sabrina style transformation f

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