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A History of Mistresses BOOKS A History Of Mistresses By Elizabeth Abbott Airdomains.co.uk She Has Been Known As The Kept Woman, The Fancy Woman, And The Other Woman She Exists As Both A Fictional Character And A Flesh And Blood Human Being But What Do Madame De Pompadour, Jane Eyre, And Camilla Parker Bowles Have In Common Why Do Women Become Mistresses, And Is A Mistress Merely A Wife In Waiting, Or Is She The Very Definition Of The Emancipated, Independent Female In Mistresses, Elizabeth Abbott Intelligently Examines The Motives And Morals Of Some Of The Most Infamous And Fascinating Women In History And Literature Drawing Intimate Portraits Of Those Who Have Whether By Chance, Coercion, Or Choice Assumed This Complex Role, From Chinese Concubines And European Royal Mistresses To Mobster Molls And Trophy Girlfriends, Mistresses Offers A Rich Blend Of History, Personal Biography, And Cultural Insight.

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    This was fine.In the way that a meal at TGIFriday s is fine.It s not earth shattering, it s not enlightening It s the historical equivalent of loaded potato skins yummy, filling, but not nutritious.Abbott, whose book

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    In the introduction to this book, Abbott suggests that the stories of mistresses she shares in this book kind of come together in some way to form a picture of not only mistressdom, but its effect on, and what it says about ou

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    A look at mistresses through history and the changing social s regarding women s roles in society and sex The little vignettes regarding the various mistresses provided a taste of their lives and made me want to read on some of them Ho

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    I loved this book a lot and I would give it five stars were it not for the few mistakes and constant myths and racial stereotypes I will go to at the end of my review The history of the other woman tells the stories of women that are rarely heard

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    I have just finished this fascinating book, Mistresses A History of the Other Woman by Elizabeth Abbott First published in 2003, this book provides carefully researched and well thought through accounts of the other woman through history There are thirteen chapters

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    This was an ok book Nothing particularly exciting It reads as a giant listicle of all the who s who of mistresses in history There are stories that come off genuinely romantic and others that made me cringe Some mistresses rose to unseen heights of fame and others were left b

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    3.5 stars

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    In this book, we take a look at stories about mistresses throughout history.

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    Intr un final nu am putut ajunge la final si am lasat o, poate cu alta ocazie s o continui

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