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Goliath BOOKS Goliath Author Max Blumenthal Buyprobolan50.co.uk In Goliath, New York Times Bestselling Author Max Blumenthal Takes Us On A Journey Through The Badlands And High Roads Of Israel Palestine, Painting A Startling Portrait Of Israeli Society Under The Siege Of Increasingly Authoritarian Politics As The Occupation Of The Palestinians Deepens.Beginning With The National Elections Carried Out During Israel S War On Gaza In 2008 09, Which Brought Into Power The Country S Most Right Wing Government To Date, Blumenthal Tells The Story Of Israel In The Wake Of The Collapse Of The Oslo Peace Process.As Blumenthal Reveals, Israel Has Become A Country Where Right Wing Leaders Like Avigdor Lieberman And Bibi Netanyahu Are Sacrificing Democracy On The Altar Of Their Power Politics Where The Loyal Opposition Largely And Passively Stands Aside And Watches The Organized Assault On Civil Liberties Where State Funded Orthodox Rabbis Publish Books That Provide Instructions On How And When To Kill Gentiles Where Half Of Jewish Youth Declare Their Refusal To Sit In A Classroom With An Arab And Where Mob Violence Targets Palestinians And African Asylum Seekers Scapegoated By Leading Government Officials As Demographic Threats Immersing Himself Like Few Other Journalists Inside The World Of Hardline Political Leaders And Movements, Blumenthal Interviews The Demagogues And Divas In Their Homes, In The Knesset, And In The Watering Holes Where Their Young Acolytes Hang Out, And Speaks With Those Political Leaders Behind The Organized Assault On Civil Liberties As His Journey Deepens, He Painstakingly Reports On The Occupied Palestinians Challenging Schemes Of Demographic Separation Through Unarmed Protest He Talks At Length To The Leaders And Youth Of Palestinian Society Inside Israel Now Targeted By Security Service Dragnets And Legislation Suppressing Their Speech, And Provides In Depth Reporting On The Small Band Of Jewish Israeli Dissidents Who Have Shaken Off A Conformist Mindset That Permeates The Media, Schools, And The Military.Through His Far Ranging Travels, Blumenthal Illuminates The Present By Uncovering The Ghosts Of The Past The Histories Of Palestinian Neighborhoods And Villages Now Gone And Forgotten How That History Has Set The Stage For The Current Crisis Of Israeli Society And How The Holocaust Has Been Turned Into Justification For Occupation.A Brave And Unflinching Account Of The Real Facts On The Ground, Goliath Is An Unprecedented And Compelling Work Of Journalism.

About the Author: Max Blumenthal

Max Blumenthal born December 18, 1977 is an American author, journalist, and blogger He is a senior writer for Alternet and formerly a writer for The Daily Beast, Al Akhbar, and Media Matters for America.He is the author of two books including Republican Gomorrah Inside the Movement that Shattered the Party 2009 , which appeared on The New York Times bestsellers list, and Goliath Life and Lo

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    I m a typical American in that I accepted The Story of Israel and cheered the Israelis on in the 1967 war without having the slightest idea of the situation in the Middle East As far as I was concerned, Israelis were just like us and therefor worth supporting.I accepted that there were two equally legitimate parties contending for land and that there was a drive to divide that land justly the endless peace talks But

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    Yet again another trendy left non Israeli Jew decides to jump on the burn Israel bandwagon hoping to get ahead with his champagne socialist friends in the media and academia by writing hate filled agitprop against Israel.Now erroneously comparing Israel to South African Apartheid is not strong enough for the genocidal agenda of the Islamists and their hard left allies Now all Israelis are labeled Nazis The descendants

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    Brilliant, infuriating, troubling, illuminating, depressing, inspiring this book provoked so many feelings in me It is excellent journalism as another reviewer has said, even those who think they know a fair bit about the situation will find themselves learning a lot Blumenthal narrates his experiences in Israel between 2009 and 2013, including interviews with people on all sides and all walks of life What he ends up wit

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    What a truly engrossing read Blumenthal does a tremendous job of showing the apartheid state if Israel in all its true colors What I appreciate the most about this book is the way Blumenthal weaves together threads of Palestinian history and current events in context while simultaneously illustrating precisely how Israel has ...

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    In this book Blumenthal makes what seems to be a pretty compelling case that Israel is descending or has already descended into a form of fascism, driven in part by the occupation of the West Bank but also as a natural result of the states founding ideology The book is basically a series of vignettes, but there is a ton of research in here, both contemporary on the ground and looking through history As he tells it Israel is

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    I don t like Max Blumenthal, although I ve never met the man He s a leftist convinced of his own moral superiority, and quick to judge any rube whose world view or manners don t conform to his standards He s the sort of fellow who calls someone racist, after which analysis stops.However, he s written an important and fundamentally accurate, if flawed book about today s State of Israel Composed of short, readable vignettes of i

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    Goliath Life and Loathing in Greater Israel by Max Blumenthal revisits the Israeli Palestinian dilemma largely from the perspective of Israel s injustice to the Palestinians, both outside Israel s borders and within them.This is an overwritten if heavily researched, personal account that undermines its principal thesis with an excess of one sided reporting, all of which contains elements of truth but nonetheless raises questions

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    Max Blumenthal s Goliath is a brave and important book Blumenthal raises the alarm on a rising tide of racism and close mindedness in modern Israel that is increasingly based in the ideology and policy supported by the country s youth To draw attention to this cultural crisis and stimulate action the book features examples of some of the most disgusting manifestations of the shift in national attitude including an apparent

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    Very disturbing read This book rips through the veneer of propaganda in Israel and reveals the Jim Crow like racism at the core of the Zionist ideology I truly believe that Israel needs to be the target of the next global movement that helped put an end to apartheid South Africa Free Palestine

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    There is likely no rule in internet debate as well known as Godwin s Law The semi satirical law coined in 1990 by author attorney Mike Godwin states essentially that the invoking of Hitler or the Nazis by any participant in a debate causes the participant doing so to lose the debate But Godwin s Law is not without its detractors Kevin Drum of Mother Jones and liberal firebrand Glenn Greenwald have each argued for its repeal Noting rig

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