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Escape from North Korea Escape From North Korea Read Author Melanie Kirkpatrick Ormskirkremovals.co.uk From The World S Most Repressive State Comes Rare Good News The Escape To Freedom Of A Small Number Of Its People It Is A Crime To Leave North Korea Yet Increasing Numbers Of North Koreans Dare To Flee They Go First To Neighboring China, Which Rejects Them As Criminals, Then On To Southeast Asia Or Mongolia, And Finally To South Korea, The United States, And Other Free Countries They Travel Along A Secret Route Known As The New Underground Railroad.With A Journalist S Grasp Of Events And A Novelist S Ear For Narrative, Melanie Kirkpatrick Tells The Story Of The North Koreans Quest For Liberty Travelers On The New Underground Railroad Include Women Bound To Chinese Men Who Purchased Them As Brides, Defectors Carrying State Secrets, And POWs From The Korean War Held Captive In The North For Than Half A Century Their Conductors Are Brokers Who Are In It For The Money As Well As Christians Who Are In It To Serve God The Christians See Their Mission As The Liberation Of North Korea One Person At A Time.Just As Escaped Slaves From The American South Educated Americans About The Evils Of Slavery, The North Korean Fugitives Are Informing The World About The Secretive Country They Fled Escape From North Korea Describes How They Also Are Sowing The Seeds For Change Within North Korea Itself Once They Reach Sanctuary, The Escapees Channel News Back To Those They Left Behind In Doing So, They Are Helping To Open Their Information Starved Homeland, Exposing Their Countrymen To Liberal Ideas, And Laying The Intellectual Groundwork For The Transformation Of The Totalitarian Regime That Keeps Their Fellow Citizens In Chains.

About the Author: Melanie Kirkpatrick

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Escape from North Korea book, this is one of the most wanted Melanie Kirkpatrick author readers around the world.

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    This book has a lot of new and interesting information for those following the North Korean human rights crisis, but unfortunately, it s diminished by the author s overreaching glorification of religion and its role in the humanitarian crisis Those helping refugee

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    This book is written with the skill and heart of a story teller and equally so with the scholar s unshakable regard for facts A former Wall Street Journal deputy editor who has spent years living in Asia, Kirkpatrick develops solid arguments for ways to change a country

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    Of all the books I have read on North Korea, this was by far the worst If you read only one book on North Korea, DO NOT read this one.The idea of writing about N Korean refugees is nothing new, what this book could have added was a detailed examination of the method and means

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    Do not waste your time with this poorly written book It centers on the stories of men and women who take on enormous risk to help North Korean citizens escape illegally to China and then to South Korea where they receive full citizenship, passports, and classes and funds to help th

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    I was expecting a hard hitting overview of North Korean policy, escapees stories of their lives in North Korea and what it takes for then to adapt to life in other parts of the world Sadly, all this book is is a really strange but of re...

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    Escape from North Korea is the most intriguing non fiction book I ve read in recent months Kirkpatrick offers a glimpse into the operations of a modern day underground railroad, one thats stories sadly are often no less chilling than those associated with its US Civil War namesake from 150 ye

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    This is ageneral book about the method North Koreans use to escape to China, a nd then often to a second country before reaching South Korea The author tells many different survivor stories, and gives an overview of the various aid groups and NGOs working to get poeple out of North Korea and help th

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    Sixty years of political oppression have not dulled North Koreans appetite for freedomTales of flight from the brutal Kim dynasty moved former Wall Street Journal staffer Melanie Kirkpatrick to create a vivid album of North Koreans who dared to make a leap for freedom Since 1953 about 24,000 of 24 million

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    This book taught me so much about not just North Korea but the entire Korean Peninsula and the surrounding area Prior to reading this book, I tended to avoid news about North Korea and it s nuclear program because the thought of nuclear war is nothing but depressing Now I see beyond North Korea s fanatical fami

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    Very good insight to the reckless and brutal Kim family but was too preachy advocating for Christianity At points seemed to be preaching to the reader rather than describing the plight of North Korean refugees.

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