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Indios Filled With Powerful Imagery, This Poem Relates The Tragic Story Of Indios, A Native Woman Falsely Accused Of The Death Of Her Children As It Echoes The Plight Of Other Women Like Indios Including Malinche, Pocahontas, La Llorona, And Medea This Narrative Conveys The Truth Of A History Twisted To Suit The Needs Of A Conquering Power Weaving Native American History With Contemporary Situations, This Evocative Poem Focuses On The Concept And Consequences Of The Oppression Of Women.

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    Linda Hogan s Indios is riveting and powerful retelling of the Medea legendfrom an indigenous, women centered viewpoint I found the work fascinating both as a written work and as a performance piece.Indios proves once again why Linda Hogan should be considered one of our national treasures.

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    IndiosThis was a wonderful poem I have read many of linda Hogan s books and they are really A great poem.

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    Clear and poignant.

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    An interesting, rather than inspiring, poem with some beautiful images and thoughts Written as a performance piece so perhaps reading it to oneself doesn t do it full justice.

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