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Counting on Fall This book is part of the Math in Nature series, and it deals with math concepts that one might encounter in nature It primarily deals with groups of ten, adding and subtracting from ten, etc The illustrations ar Can I just say that I love the pictures in this book They are all cut pieces of paper put together to make a scene This was a fun way to introduce different kinds of counting. As Young Readers Journey Into The Natural World, They Will Discover That Numbers, Patterns, Shapes And Much Can Be Found By Observing Everyday Plants And Animals.What If Animals And Plants Knew Math, Just Like You Would Leaves Fall In Patterns Would Whales Enter A Race In Counting On Fall, The First Title In The Math In Nature Series By Award Winning Author Lizann Flatt, Nature Comes To Life To Help Children Grasp Concepts Of Number Sense And Numeration The Engaging What If Format Of This Informational Picture Book Is Sure To Delight Five To Seven Year Olds.Each Of The Four Books In The Math In Nature Series Will Cover One Season Of The Year And One Area Of The Math Curriculum Colorful, Cut Paper Collage Art Uniquely Evokes The Natural World, While Two Levels Of Text One A Lyrical Story, The Other Asking Children To Problem Solve Bring The Reader To A Full Understanding Of The Math Concept Being Covered. I am such a sucker for pictures made of cut collage This gorgeous book made counting so much fun All the animals are well illustrated I particuarly liked the raccoons. Counting on Fall is the first in Lizann Flatt s four part Math in Nature series of children s books for Owl Kids The book aims to use poetic prose and question prompts to engage young readers with math concepts in this case, counting Overall, I wasn t blown away by the writing in this book I understand that Ms Flatt was writing for an educational publisher and as such was operating under a very specific mandate, but I found the presentation of the question prompts a little heavy handed Any parent or teacher who d ever read a book to a child would have been able to come up with these questions on their own Thus, I found their inclusion as part of the illustration in a coloured paper text box both jarring and unnecessary.I do have to give Ms Flatt kudos for choosing to feature flora and fauna native to Canada in this series and for the research that went into the Nature Notes at the end of the book Honestly, I think that if the whole book had been written in this straight forward prose, I would have enjoyed it The highlight of this book for me was definitely the illustrations Barron s cut paper collage technique and hand paint Various animals associated with Fall are shown in groups and patterns to demonstrate math concepts in this Math in Nature book for young readers.The pictures of fall foliage and various animals and insects in formation are very eye catching The illustrations appear to be assembled from tiny paper cut outs and the contrast among the different colors and textures of the paper draws the reader into each image The very first two page spread showing the leaves as they fall from a tree to the ground below is the most evocative of Fall, but other images of animals like geese and bats also suggest the crisp air of the season Each illustration is arranged in a particular way to promote the sort of counting the text wants the reader to perform Butterflies and bats are shown in neat rows that make it easy to count them by tens Other animals are pictured holding a certain number of items in their mouths to help kids learn how to multiply the number of animals by the number of items they hold The antelopes are pictured in pairs to make it easier to count by twos.This book does work as a read aloud, but it might be a long story time Well, I have mixed feelings about this I know it s didactic and not a great picture book for picture book s sake, but I guess don t mind having some options for parents who are starting from zero and don t really know how to prompt this type of activity on their own maybe because their parents never did it for them But I wish the text and the prompts were even differentiated on the page than they aremaybe if the prompts were all in a bar along the bottom of the page, so that you could jsut read the text sometimes and then sometimes go back and just read the prompts and do the activities Right now it feels like you have to do both on every page And I d rather that the backmatter tal Genre Counting Copyright 2012This book is an informational book of poetry that uses nature for math As the poem writes about how different animals and things in nature change for fall, the text brings in different math p Fantastic math series for early learners A beautiful book I love the illustrations and its interactivity It s a perfect blend of nature and numbers.

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