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O Apanhador de Sonhos O Livro De Stephen King Que Deu Origem Ao Filme De 2003 De Lawrence Kasdan.Em O Apanhador De Sonhos, Stephen King Cria Uma Hist Ria Sobre A Verdadeira Amizade E A Mem Ria Num Texto Assustador E Emocionante, Conduz Seus Personagens Por Uma Batalha Inigual Vel Com O Mundo Das Trevas.Eles Ainda Eram Meninos Quando Viveram Uma Experi Ncia Que Os Marcaria Para Sempre, Em Derry, A Cidade Mal Assombrada Do Maine Eram Quatro Meninos, Com Seus Sonhos E Seus Medos Quatro Amigos Que Juntaram Suas For As E Foram Capazes De Um Grande Ato De Coragem A Partir Dali, Tudo Mudou, Mas Eles Levariam Um Bom Tempo At Se Darem Conta Disso.O Tempo Passou Outros Caminhos, Outras Hist Rias, Mas Continuaram Amigos C Mplices Todos Os Anos, Onde Quer Que Estejam, Interrompem Suas Vidas Para Uma Temporada De Ca A Nos Bosques Do Maine Um Momento Para Recordarem O Passado E Fortalecerem O Sentimento Que Os Une Nesse Ano, Algo Diferente Acontece Um Forasteiro Surge Repentinamente No Acampamento Confuso, Ele Murmura Frases Desconexas Assustado, Fala De Luzes No C U Sua Voz Soa Em Meio Ao Grupo Como Uma Estranha E Aterradora Profecia Logo, Os Amigos Percebem Que O Homem Dizia A Verdade E Se Encontram Envolvidos Numa Luta Contra Uma Poderosa Criatura Para Sobreviver, Ter O De Resgatar Algo Perdido Na Inf Ncia E Contar Com A Ajuda Do Apanhador De Sonhos.

About the Author: Stephen King

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the O Apanhador de Sonhos book, this is one of the most wanted Stephen King author readers around the world.

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    Dream catcher, Stephen KingDreamcatcher 2001 is a novel by American writer Stephen King, featuring elements of body horror, suspense and alien invasion The book, written in cursive, helped the author recuperate from a 1999 car accident, and was completed in half a year According to the author in his afterword, the working title wa...

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    so I had a dream last night where Graham and Brian and Steve and I were all back in Seattle, and it was like it was before, four friends who were different from each other but still really connected, like brothers, and we were having adventures and serious talks and stupid talks and good times and bad times and it was all just so sweet and real, like things had never changed of course things change and these are still my friends, but change is ch

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    As I was going up the stairI meet a man who wasn t there He wasn t there again today I wish, I wish he d stay away.Well, what a ride that was Rating this book was quite hard I m still not sure if I m okay with giving it 3 stars, because it had so many good characters, parts and plot twists, so one part of me feels like giving it 5 stars But then a...

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    Let me say at the outset I am a HUGE Stephen King fan, and I ve read all the novels and short stories, as well as his rather wonderful books on writing.Unfortunately, Dreamcatcher is a bloated, vacuous, dreadful piece of self indulgence that mostly goes to show that King has apparently gotten so famous that no one dares edit him or tell him that he s written a bad book.The pointless repetition in this door stop of a novel is staggering beyond belief and, ultim

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    Sigh You ready Let s get this over with.With Dreamcatcher, Stephen King tried to recapture the magic of It while simultaneously making up for the shithouse rat that was The Tommyknockers He attempted this feat while recovering from a horrible accident wherein he was turned into a mixture of speed bump and pretzel Whatever King wrote during this time would have been utter crap, trust me Pain dulls the creative process This is why the most prolific creative persons are

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    I have read this a few times now and I think that the older I get, theI see and get out of this book While it s definitely true that King is repeating some themes and tropes from his previous books, I think that the relationships and the connections depicted here are some of the most touching, at least in my mind I love the way that King can br...

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    Sorry sorry sorry but I just couldnt get thru this story and didn t get to liking it Should I try again Nah, too many good books waiting for me Haven t gone past 40 pages or so Maybe when the movie is on tv I ll try it again.

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    This was an amazing book Even though it took me 3 months to read it was worth it Anyone who wants to read this book must be prepared for sleepless nights and illusions Stephen King is a fantastic writer who uses such descriptions it makes you feel that right behind you there is an alien waiting to take your energy Throughout this book I tried figuring out what the title meant and how it relates to the book By the end I love how the last few pages are devoted to explaining things and maki

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    I appreciated King s grand vision for this story, and the novel started off in a grand manner However, along the way, things became a bit jumbled and confusing at times I liked the book as a whole, but it could have benefited from some editing I real...

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    Whew There s a lot that I want to say about this book, and I m not really sure where to start I first read this book back in oh, 2002 or 2003, maybe, and I can absolutely say that I did NOT get much out of it Sure, it s still a thrill ride, still entertaining, but it was definitely not his best, in my, somewhat oblivious opinion But see I was something of a King Re reader back then I had my favorites The Stand , The Shining , The Talisman , Needful Things to name a few, and Whew There s a lot that I w

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