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Of Gods & Goats (Gods & Goats Trilogy, #1) The book is very well written and is loaded with all sorts of funny situations.It s a good read.And the author happens to be a good friend of mine. I Used To Have A Tranquil Life In The Rolling Hills Of Pennsylvania It Was Just Me, My Dog And Cat The Ones With The Wizarding Monikers A Watch Steer, Three Dairy Goats And A Flock Of Chickens That Was Before That Thunderstorm Of All Thunderstorms Blew Over My Twelve Acres Of Rural Serenity And Dropped One Hell Of A Celestial Body Into My Goat Barn And My Placid LifestyleAnd To Think, Libby Simons Used To Be Known As That Goat Lady On The Hill By Her Unique And Very Rural Friends And Neighbors Now I M Known As The Woman With That Very Odd Bison And A Farm Hand Who Can Lift A Hereford Over His Head And Not Break A Sweat Long Gone Are The Quiet Days And Oh So Lonely Nights I Used To Know I M Fighting To Not Only Keep The Knowledge That Gods Do Exist From Hitting The Town Paper, But I M Also Squaring Off Against The Very Beings That Reside Up Yonder And I Don T Mean Canadian S While Trying To Figure Out If A Farm Girl Like Me And A War Mongering God Like Ares Should Act On The Rather Toasty Impulses We Both Have.Print Copies Available From My Website Copies Available At Smashwords I absolutely couldn t put this book down It perfectly captured rural, hometown USA in its spot on quotidian humor, observations, and fantasies The characters were easy to fall in love with and I almost fell down a flight of subway st I always start by saying let me startI will not do that this time I will start with, holy moly V.L Locey and I attend the same writers group in our area and I d have to admit that I got to read little sneak peaks before the book came out I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her read parts of her novel out loud Listening to the animation in her voice and bringing the characters to life was amazing I actually wish everyone would be able to enjoy her book by listening to her read it aloud When the book came out I couldn t wait to read it and put the rest of the puzzle together from what I had already heard her read Libby Simons is the main character and could be summed up as a widow who works hard, doesn t take shit, and takes awhile to get use to the idea of moving on passed her husband s death It was interesting to read her thoughts The way her mind worked and the thoughts that bounced around were priceless She is definitely a saucy minx who needed a man in her life All of her thoughts centered around the chisel body of her new beau Ares All of the things that most women think inside when they see a half naked man was what V.L Locey wrote I kept thinking things that I wasn t quite proud to think of a half naked man with a sledgehammer, but Only on page 38 and have already laughed out loud Great book, I am looking forward to the next one Of course now when I head to the barn, I have to double check for new visitors. I fell in love with Locey when I saw her story in He Loves me for my Brainssss So, when I saw she had some other books out, I was quick to snap them up I have not been disappointed Her characters are vivid, amusing, and prone to making the same stupid mistakes as normal people however there were no Big Misunderstandings which is a trope in romance books that I find particularly annoying, since if the characters would just have a discussion like the rational, intelligent people they re otherwise portrayed to be Back in college, one of the worst, hardest classes I had was Mythology Who would have thunk it, right But the professor was a nut for the minutest trivia Hercules great aunt on his mother s side, mentioned only once in the text book in a foot note Was on the EXAM Fortunately, this terrible experience did not kill my love of Greek and Roman mythos, and I find myself yelling at various books and movies wh The plot is incredibly clever and the god characters themselves well drawn I enjoyed the snappy self described wise ass commentary for the first two chapters After that, while admiring the cleverness of it, I found it incessant and relentless and annoying in its excess I was relieved to see it taper off a bit toward the end of the book which made it a lot nicer to read I real This was a book I purchased when it first came out and then, for one reason or another, it sat on my computer s hard drive until I downloaded it to my Kindle a few weeks ago And I want to kick myself for waiting so long to read it because it was SO.DARN.GOOD I admittedly had my misgivings Greek gods and goats and I wasn t quite hooked after the first few chapters because I wasn t too sure about the style, but I m glad I stuck with it OF GODS GOATS is singularly one of the most entertaining books I ve read Ever I think I laughed and snorted throughout this book than any other, and who doesn t Oh my Gosh this was so much fun to read I laughed till I cried I always loved mythology but now I am readdicted More Gods please Libby is a widowed Goat farmer She hasn t gotten over her loss of her husband and lost her faith in any God Until one fell through her roof into her life Literally Enter Ares a huge hunk of man that claims to be Ares the Greek God Libby is sure he is on something or just loony but soon she finds out its true Oh my twists and turns and happenings Like I mentioned befor

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