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One By One Product DescriptionFor Peter, The End Of Civilization Begins Quietly With The Disappearance Of His Mother At The Police Station He Learns That Thousands Of Others Have Gone Mysteriously Missing Overnight, And That Tens Of Millions Are Vanishing Daily Across The Globe Without Explanation Humanity Finds Itself Facing Its Final Year On The Planet, And It Is Only Then That Peter Falls In Love.Her Name Is Sophia, And Though Both Are Haunted By Loss They Find In Each Other A Passion That Is As Real As It Is Worth Fighting For As The Government Buckles And Then Collapses, As The Darkest Registers Of Human Nature Are Sounded And A Brutal Demagogue Rises To Lead A Reign Of Terror, They Strive To Find Meaning And Purpose In A World That Is Bereft Of All Certainties But One That They Too Are Fated To Disappear.

About the Author: Phil Tucker

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the One By One book, this is one of the most wanted Phil Tucker author readers around the world.

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    This book was an SPFBO one and I must admit it was quite different from what I had expected it to be I would class this as a dystopia, kind of in the same style as 1984 by Orwell, as it s focused on a world where humanity faces the disappearance of many of its number There are vast amounts of people who just seem to vanish into thin air, our main character s mother is one of the earlier ones to goWe follow Peter and later Sophia, they are two of the population who haven t

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    This review was brought to you by Maleficent at Witchy ReviewsAwesome sentence structure It was a refreshing read that didn t make me wish only for a moment that I was a pre teen or YA fantasy reader just so I could relate to the author s motives.The title refers to civilization disappearing one by one and how those remaining are left to cope You ll read about a grieving son, a heartless dictator, and a faithful man of god You ll read about commitments failing and relationships

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    Interesting twist on the collapse of civilization, which is a theme I generally find entertaining Unfortunately, while there were some interesting twists in this storyline, there seemed no resolution at the end I personally found the ending both unpleasant and grim.If I want grim reality, I watch the evening news I read for entertainment and I definitely was not entertained by this book Ver...

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    The book had a lot of promise The plot was intriguing was didn t really pay off The story was set in the U.S., yet sounded British There were very long passages where either a character rambled or there were descriptive paragra...

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    Grade BL C Ratio 60% Literary 40% CommercialThematic Breakdown 35% Social dynamics30% Philosophy20% Apocalypse10% Romance 5% ReligionAddictiveness MediumMovie Potential 1 Thumb UpRe readability LowBy their nature, stories about the end of the world must carry a grim tone to some degree In One By One, Phil Tucker presents an especially bleak apocalyptic vision The human population is slowly...

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    One by one is a bleak outlook on how humanity would handle a crisis of global proportions The book starts out with the disappearance of Peter s mother, and quickly unfolds to the vanishing of billions of people across the world One by one, everyone will disappear when no one is looking A man only known as The Orator tries to hold civilization together in the only way he knows how by force I would have given this bo...

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    This book had a fascinating premise that the earth s inhabitants vanished, in large numbers, without explanation, until hardly any were left at all When the population disappears, including lawmakers like the President, what happens to the government Without basic services, do humans reveal their best or worst natures Alas, I found the narrative itself disappointing The writing might have been deliberately stiff, as if emulating a fairy tale, but it felt clunky, e...

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    Interesting story I guess you d call it apocalyptic without the bang In that sense, it reminded me of The Age of Miracles the main difference being that focuses on younger characters.At times I felt like I was reading a secular version of a rapture story, and at others a retelling...

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    DepressingThe good things about this book were how it takes all kinds to make a world, and we depend on othersthan we think But how depressing to see how we behave when something goes wrong, and how sad when society collapses.

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    I feel like the author didn t really have an answer to the questions he spent the whole book posing The ending felt cheap and half hearted Books don t have to end happily or neatly tied up but I just wasn t buying what this book was trying to sell.

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